Engaging creatives who challenge ideas of race and identity

S2 E8 DR. LAUREN MICHELE JACKSON Author White Negroes: When Cornrows Were in Vogue … and Other Thoughts on Cultural Appropriation
Nov 27 • 22 min
Dr. Lauren Michele Jackson teaches in the Departments of English and African American Studies at Northwestern University. Her first book, White Negroes: When Cornrows Were in Vogue… and Other Thoughts on Cultural Appropriation exposes the new generation…
S2 E7 STANCE PODCAST Chrystal Genesis Journalist and Curator
Nov 14 • 20 min
This week I chat with Chrystal Genesis, Journalist, Curator, Co-founder & Host of award winning independent arts and culture podcast - Stance. Stance offers “counter-discourse”, giving diverse perspectives on current affairs and sharing stories of those…
S2 E6 INTELLIGENCE SQUARED Head of Editorial Innovation Farah Jassat
Nov 8 • 25 min
Now you all know by now that I love a good chat - so it was a joy to get to speak with Farah Jassat, Head of Editorial Innovation & Digital at the world’s largest debating platform, Intelligence Squared for this episode. Intelligence Squared has…
S2 E5 WOMENS MARCH YOUTH Co-President Kenyatta Thomas
Nov 2 • 22 min
This week I chat with Kenyatta Thomas, radical feminist and co president of Women’s March Youth Empower, and activist with Young Womxn of Color for Reproductive Justice Leadership Council, Planned Parenthood & Blue futures. We talk about White Feminism,…
S2 E4 THE WHITE PUBE Guest Zarina Muhammad
Oct 29 • 46 min
The White Pube is the collaborative identity of Gabrielle de la Puente and Zarina Muhammad under which they critique art. I talk with Zarina about the often ambiguous and conflicting messaging involved with ‘Artwashing’ within our largest art institutions…
S2 E3 Guest Serena Lee Curator of ‘Georgian Diaspora’ Inclusive Art History Instagram
Oct 20 • 18 min
SERENA LEES is the curator of GEORGIAN DIASPORA one of my favourite Instagram feeds. We had a quick Saturday night chat about the page, why she created it and what’s missing from Black History discourse. At the end of our chat she recommends some…
SEASON TWO Episode 2 Guest Photographer Kristen Joy Emack
Oct 11 • 24 min
KRISTEN JOY EMACK is a photographer and public-school family liaison living in Massachusetts. Her work focuses on family; the neglected everyday representations of Black childhood. As I edited this episode, Kristen heard that she had won the Critical Mass…
SEASON TWO Episode 1 Guest Daniel Oduntan Interdisciplinary Artist & Creative Director
Sep 21 • 30 min
Daniel has shown work at The V&A Museum and was awarded the Best New Emerging Artist by The Mica Gallery. We talk about his recent project ‘Did We Leave The Lights On’ which looks at the affect of reduced social housing and regeneration on Black…
Episode 10 Guest Artist Nikesha Breeze
Jul 27 • 31 min
This week I chat with Nikesha Breeze, an African American/Assyrian, artist, painter, sculptor, performance artist and teacher. For Nikesha, Art making is the highest form of resistance and resilience. The intersectionality she carries as a queer, black,…
Copy of Episode 9 Guest Photographer & Curator of Photographers of Colour Aaron Turner
Jul 20 • 41 min
Aaron talks about his series ‘Isolated Truths’ - portraits of people of the Appalachia Region of the Staes, who identify as mixed African American, Native American and European American. We also discuss his ‘Black Alchemy’ series which approaches the uses…
Episode 8 Guest Harvard Researcher Nadia Craddock on Colourism
Jul 13 • 28 min
This week I chat with Nadia Craddock. Nadia has a first class degree in Psychology from the University of Bath and a Masters in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard. She is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Appearance Research, exploring whether…
Episode 7 Guest Nels Abbey Author ‘Think Like a White Man’
Jul 5 • 33 min
This week I chat with Nels Abbey, a British-Nigerian writer and media executive based in London. His first book ‘Think Like a White Man’ takes a satirical look at the structures of racism within the workplace. Published by Canongate.
Episode 6 Guest Metro Online Senior Lifestyle Editor Natalie Morris
Jun 28 • 17 min
Natalie tells us about the demand for her ‘Mixed Up’ series, and what she has learned about the issues surrounding the race dialogue
Episode 5 Guest Playwright Linda Brogan talks about excavating The Reno. The 70’s Mosside nightclub for mixed race youth
Jun 28 • 17 min
This week I chat with playwright Linda Brogan. Thirty years after it closed, The Reno has been excavated by Linda and her team of volunteers. She shares their discoveries with me, also Linda tells us why she started the project and talks us through their…
Episode 3 Guest Scarlett Crawford Artist Educator & Houses of Parliament Artist in Residence
Jun 25 • 40 min
Scarlett is passionate about equality in the creative industries and beyond. Her photographic work examines the semiotics of race and class by creating images that try to portray narratives of the under represented and interrogate power structures. To…
Episode 4 Guest Steven Riley Mixed Race Studies Scholar & Founder MixedRaceStudies.Org
Jun 22 • 29 min
This week I talk to Steven Riley about his hugely successful work as founder of, the website offering scholarly perspectives on the mixed race experience. Steven tells me about why he started the site, his surprise it’s huge…
Episode 2 Guest Ridvan Foxhall, Therapist Parent Educator, Founder of New Era Creative Space, which inspires social change through creative programs
Jun 20 • 32 min
Raising bi-racial kids in today’s society, building resilience as they learn about race and develop their identities. We talk about the creative ways in which Ridvan has talked her own children about race, and her inspiring NY based project, New Era…
Episode 1 Guest Michael Fuller, Author ‘Kill The Black One First’
Jun 20 • 38 min
Michael Fuller, the former Chief Constable of Kent Police and Chief Inspector of the Crown Prosecution Service. He was the first ethnic minority chief constable in the UK, and the first black officer of chief constable equivalent rank. His contribution…