Internet of Awesome Things

Internet of Awesome Things
A podcast series about the internet of things, and how it’s changing everything, everywhere. Russell Brown talks with tech experts, looks at how IoT is being used by businesses and finds 20 billion things to get excited about.

7. Smart Cities
Sep 8 • 32 min
IoT is enabling the creation of smart cities using tech and data to make our communities better places to live and work. Russell Brown speaks with Hamilton City Council Smart Cities Adviser Jannat Maqbool, Mark Thomas from Singapore-based consultancy…
6: Staying Safe
Aug 29 • 24 min
How secure is the typical internet-connected device? Independent security consultant Erica Anderson and Spark Head of Security Josh Bahlman chat about IoT privacy and security issues.
5: Where is That Thing?
Aug 27 • 22 min
Asset tracking is the ability to easily, accurately and constantly solve the problem of knowing where your stuff is. For freight and logistics companies, it could be a game-changer.
4: Health & Wellness
Aug 14 • 34 min
Some of the most exciting opportunities for IoT are in healthcare. Russell Brown talks to Spark’s Digital Health Lead Dr Will Reedy to find out more, and Pete Loveridge explains how IoT is working for St John Ambulance.
3: Without Wires
Jul 30 • 23 min
The arrival of 5G is set to supercharge growth of IoT. Tech commentator Paul Brislen and Spark Networks Evolution Lead Colin Brown chat with Russell Brown about the Next Big Thing.
2: Talking to Business
Jul 17 • 35 min
Listen in as a panel discusses the business risks of not implementing IoT. This podcast was recorded at a live IoT event for business leaders in Auckland on 17 July 2019.
1: Twenty Billion Things
Jul 8 • 48 min
In this first episode, Russell Brown looks at the brief history of IoT and finds a Kiwi connection right at the very beginning of things.
Trailer: Internet of Awesome Things
Jun 19 • 2 min
Russell Brown gets excited about IoT and what it will mean for business in this preview of the new podcast series, coming soon.