Your Brain on Film

Your Brain on Film
A podcast that dissects the latest films down to their very core. The idea is to expose something interesting and unique about a movie so we can all form a deeper connection with it. Colossus is a two-man team with a very busy schedule, so we’ll release episodes as often as we can. Hope you enjoy!

First Reformed: Some Advice From F. Scott Fitzgerald
Oct 14 • 22 min
The stress of holding contradictory beliefs—also known as cognitive dissonance—is a common struggle everyone experiences. Just…not everyone can cope with it. First Reformed is the cinematic encapsulation of what can happen when we allow…
BlacKkKlansman: Between the World and Spike Lee
Sep 23 • 19 min
Gone With the Wind and Birth of a Nation are two films that depict the America many white men would like to live in. Spike Lee uses BlacKkKlansman to cinematically survey the decades-long fallout from those racist attitudes, recalling concepts and…
A Battle for Creative Freedom: Why the Tarantino Backlash Could Be Bad for Hollywood
Sep 9 • 8 min
Quentin Tarantino’s latest film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, is being ripped apart for its false portrayal of Bruce Lee. And that backlash could in fact ruin the movie’s Oscar ambitions. Thus, an important question arises: do we care more about…
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: Redemption for Sharon Tate
Aug 26 • 32 min
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is Quentin Tarantino’s love letter to the film industry. On this episode, I’ll explore the divisive American landscape of the 1960s and how Charles Manson exploited it. I’ll also provide a little history on a…
Mid90s: Jonah Hill Summons Yeezus
Aug 5 • 26 min
Filmmakers are often heavily influenced by other artists, including musicians. And that musical influence guides the way they tell stories. I’d like to make a case that there’s a deeper story to Mid90s than what appears on the surface—and it largely…
Crazy Rich Asians: Game Theory 101
Jul 15 • 22 min
At the beginning of Crazy Rich Asians, Rachel is teaching a class on the art of game theory. It’s a craft studied by the top athletes, economists, and psychologists in the world—and it can improve the way you approach any situation in life. In this…
The Favourite: Rabbit Soup for the Soul
Jul 1 • 21 min
The rabbit-filled ending of The Favourite is, indeed, a strange one—but it’s also an ending that’s easy to track if we think about the movie’s true story. Abigail and Sarah’s power struggle not only ruins Queen Anne, but puts the entirety of Great…
Introducing: Your Brain on Film
Jun 19 • 3 min
This is Your Brain on Film, where we form a deeper connection to our movies. I’m your host, Travis Bean. On July 1, I’ll release a weekly five-episode pilot run. After that, my goal is to release episodes monthly and keep up to date with the latest…