Shot Talk

Shot Talk
PhotoJoseph and Sean Marc Nipper talk shots, shoot the… shot, and possibly, occasionally, even take a shot. A podcast on video and photo news, updates, projects and whatever else we want to gab about. Support this podcast:

Tilta Nucleus Lens Control, Wiral LITE and Meike Lenses
Oct 4, 2019 • 38 min
We talked a lot of gear (GoPro Hero8, Tilta Nucleus Nano, Wiral LITE and Mieke lenses), films, filmmaking… you know, stuff. Here’s the links you’re looking for: GoPro 8 GoPro 8 videos Tilta Nucleus Nano…
Pixel LED, 8K Full Frame, Apple Arcade, Contact Mics, and Milk in Movies
Sep 23, 2019 • 35 min
No big news this week so it’s a smorgasbord of randomness! We talk about, an incredible (sounding) audio editing service, PhotoJoseph’s Pixel LED light video, the 8K Z-Camera, Apple Arcade, what contact mics are, we learn about Sean’s short…
BlackMagic ATEM Mini and LUMIX S1H ProRes RAW
Sep 17, 2019 • 29 min
BlackMagic announced the ATEM mini; thousands of dollars in hardware for just $295, and Panasonic announced ProRes RAW support for the LUMIX S1H! We also talk about ProRes RAW and Blackmagic RAW support in other NLEs, a trailer remixing contest worth…
iPhone 11 Pro Max Extra Mondo Biggly!
Sep 13, 2019 • 33 min
OK, OK, you know it’s inevitable… we gotta talk iPhone 11. What do we think, are we getting it, how special is it? And, listener Ben Fox calls in with a question! So cool… you can do that to; just click the link below! Be sure to check out Ben’s YouTube…
Goodbye, Veydra… Hello, Meike!
Sep 3, 2019 • 20 min
Veydra, makers of affordable Cine lenses for micro four thirds and other small sensor mounts, sadly is no more. But never feare, for Meike is here, and at a considerably lower cost! •• Meike MFT lenses on B&H •• The closure of…
It’s All About the LUMIX S1H, Baby!
Aug 29, 2019 • 37 min
This show has one topic… the just revealed LUMIX S1H, the world’s first full frame 6K camera! Mentioned in the show: LUMIX S1H Short films made on the S1H (for camera launch) DP Review S1H Video…
F64 Live conference & Video 101 discussion, Deity Microphone’s 4 tips for sound mixing on a budget, GoPro Hero 8 Rumors, Technology Leaks & Popcorn vs Candy
Aug 22, 2019 • 31 min
PhotoJoseph just got back from the F64 Live conference when he taught a basic and an advanced video course, we talked about Joseph’s 15 year old Apple videos of him on stage at NAB and Apple Expo Paris, we chatted on the GoPro Hero 8 rumors and the sad…
BlackMagic 6K vs Lumix S1H and the value of 6K, Building a RAID, and the DJI Osmo Mobile 3
Aug 14, 2019 • 34 min
Sean just got his Blackmagic Cinema Camera 4K… which means a 6K camera was release moments later. D’oh! We discuss the camera, compare to what’s known about the upcoming LUMIX S1H, and talk about why anyone would need 6K in the first place. Joseph is…
Data Mining for Instagram, Tarantino’s New Film, S1 Filmmaker Update and FPV Drone Flying
Aug 6, 2019 • 30 min
PhotoJoseph drops a crazy YouTube show on data mining for Instagram (prepare for the rabbit hole), Sean talks about the new Tarantino movie “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” and how insanely good of a filmmaker Tarantino is, PhotoJoseph discusses his new…
Wireless Video Transmitters, Making the New Lion King, and Sean’s Movie “Life Adjusted” (Too)
Jul 29, 2019 • 36 min
I suppose we shouldn’t have bragged about the awesome summer we were having… because now the smoke is here, and we’re officially locked indoors. After whining about that, we discussed Google Wifi mesh networking, wireless video transmitter options for the…
Visiting Adobe, Re-Editing Movie Trailers for Practice, and the DJI Ronin-SC
Jul 23, 2019 • 30 min
PhotoJoseph and Sean Marc Nipper both went camping and had their four-year-olds laugh them off their paddleboards this weekend… what are the odds? In this episode we talk about PhotoJoseph’s visit to Seattle and meeting with the Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop…
Portrait Slams, Moment Anamorphic Drone Lenses, Deep Fakes and Dishonest Red
Jul 15, 2019 • 34 min
We open with a discussion of mother in laws and how we spend our free time, then talk about Portrait Slams (what’s that? You gotta listen!), the new Moment anamorphic drone lens, studying to get your drone FAA license, and the saga behind RED’s false Made…
Jibs vs Drones, NoFilmSchool Top-30 List, Behind the Scenes on a YouTube Video
Jul 8, 2019 • 30 min
Happy Fourth of July! We chatted jibs vs drones, the joys of a sunrise hike (with teenagers!), the NoFilmSchool Top 30 Filmmaking Channels list, behind-the-scenes on my latest YouTube video, and the production of epic Real Estate videos. Links from the…
Dog Bites, LUMIX Updates, KIPON Adapters and the Ken Burns Effect
Jul 1, 2019 • 33 min
Monday isn’t off to a great start for PhotoJoseph, as he’s nursing a dog bite from this morning’s run! Beyond that there’s a new LUMIX Firmware announcement, a discussion of KIPON lens adapters, auto focus thoughts and Sean’s aggravation with the overused…
Travel Delays, Adorama Inspire, Scammer Stories, New MFT Anamorphic and New KIPON L-Mount Lenses
Jun 23, 2019 • 30 min
Listen to PhotoJoseph’s travel adventure trying to get to NY for Adorama Inspire, enjoy to a couple of scammer stories, and hear about new anamorphic micro four thirds lenses and new KIPON L-Mount lenses! Scammer story on YouTube:…
DJI Robot Master and LUMIX S1H
Jun 16, 2019 • 28 min
Sean and PhotoJoseph chat about the new DJI Robot Master, reminisce over the Big Trak, and talk about the LUMIX S1H —- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
The new Mac Pro, Apple marketing flubs, and who we are.
Jun 7, 2019 • 29 min
In our first real episode, Sean and PhotoJoseph introduce ourselves, talk about about the recent WWDC Apple keynote, why we think the Mac Pro is NOT overpriced, how Apple really messed up the launch of the $999 monitor stand, and generally try to figure…
The Beginning
Jun 6, 2019 • 5 min
This is just the beginning. —- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: