DIY Marketing School with Melanie Dyann Howe

DIY Marketing School with Melanie Dyann Howe
Let’s be totally honest - marketing is freaking hard, especially for total newbies. It’s also expensive to hire people to do it for you. But, you can do hard things and, with the help of this podcast, you can learn to do your own marketing. Welcome to

Why you can’t only rely on social media to market your business.
Aug 20 • 17 min
Why you shouldn’t fully rely on social media to market your business.
Create an Encouragement Bank To Help You Out of The Mental Rut
Aug 6 • 22 min
Learn how to keep the encouraging words people give you to motivate you and help you take action.
How to Deal with Bright and Shiny Object Syndrome
Jul 30 • 37 min
Four strategies that help you keep bright and shiny objects from derailing your path.
How to Re-Purpose Your Core Content
Jul 23 • 24 min
Tactics to help you get even more leverage out of your core content.
How to Embrace Facebook Live for Increased Engagement
Jul 16 • 25 min
These are the five common objections to Facebook Live video, and how to overcome them.
Five Powerhouse Productivity Apps Every Small Business Needs
Jul 9 • 32 min
Learn about five key apps that will take your marketing processes to the next level.
The Real Reason you Should be on Social Media
Jul 2 • 18 min
Stop thinking about social media as a way to sell, and instead as a way to build trust.
What the Heck is the Social Media Algorithm
Jun 17 • 18 min
I’m breaking down what the social media algorithm is and why you need to embrace it.
How to be Social in your Social Media
Jun 17 • 15 min
To maximize your efforts, you need to use a few tactics and be social in your social media.
How Often Should You Post to Social Media
Jun 17 • 15 min
Consider these key factors when figuring out how often you should be posting to your business social media.
Personal vs. Business Social Media Strategies
Jun 13 • 21 min
Learn how you should you be using your personal social media vs. your business social media as a marketer.