Restored Gospel Podcast

Restored Gospel Podcast
Two friends having casual conversation about the things of eternity. We invite you into that conversation.

36. Testimony of a Jew who saw Jesus…The Rest of the Story part 3.
Dec 14 • 61 min
We continue with discussion on the rest of the story and one of the main purposes’s of the Book of Mormon. We share the testimony of a Jewish scientist who saw Jesus and was converted. Hope you enjoy this intriguing episode!
35. Finding hope in…The Rest of the Story part 2.
Dec 13 • 61 min
Where does our hope lie? What is the rest of the story? What can we look to in the future as God moves? What do the scriptures say about the story? Why was the church restored? Where does Zion fit into the story?&nbsp…
34. The Rest of the Story part 1.
Dec 7 • 45 min
We examine the big picture vs. oral tradition in the light of bringing greater hope to us all.
33. I’m not special and it feels amazing! Worship and truth.
Nov 30 • 61 min
We discuss the freedom that comes from recognizing we are not special and neither is any one else but all are equally loved. Also worship and truth.
32. Decompression - deep breathes
Nov 23 • 62 min
Two friends having casual conversation about the things of eternity.
31. Stories of the Saints - E7- Mary Sue Kennon
Nov 22 • 69 min
Mary Sue Kennon shares her testimony.
29. Eternal life ep 6 - Glories and final thoughts on life after death
Nov 17 • 75 min
Final episode on our Life after Death series as we discuss latter day revelation and section 76 in the Doctrine & Covenants
30. Stories of the Saints - E6- Andrea & Joseph Alaniz
Nov 16 • 73 min
Bonus Stories of the Saints. Andrea and Joseph Alaniz
28. Eternal Life ep 5 - Conversation on the beliefs surrounding what happens when we die
Nov 9 • 58 min
Back to more casual conversation as we continue the story of life after we die.
27. Eternal Life ep 4 - Restoration, redemption, a time to repent: Fatherly advice continues
Nov 2 • 49 min
A father lovingly talks to his son about the importance of this life and explains eternity and the need we all have for forgiveness and the hope we have because Jesus came and atoned for our sins.
26. Eternal Life ep 3 -The Keeper of the gate, and father’s advice to his son
Oct 26 • 55 min
We discuss the “Keeper of there Gate” and a father’s advice to his son about eternal life
25. Stories of the Saints - E5 - Cara Smith
Oct 23 • 80 min
Cara Smith shares her story
24. Eternal Life Ep 2 - The story continues
Oct 19 • 64 min
We look at the story of salvation, redemption, and eternal life has contained throughout the scriptures.
23. Eternal life ep 1 - Strict in the plain road
Oct 12 • 69 min
We begin our look at the story contained in the scriptures and God’s ultimate plan for mankind. Have we been telling the correct story?
22. Alma 16 ep 3 part 2- The tree, the vision, the Son.
Oct 6 • 39 min
We finish our discussion a changed heart in relation to Nephi’s vision and Alma’s teaching on the tree. We see the story within the story is the Son. We begin to discuss whether the traditional teaching of eternal life fits into “the story “
21. Stories of the Saints - E4 - Ed Turner
Oct 4 • 82 min
Ed is an Elder and pastor of a local church here in Independence MO. He is also a Major with the Independence Police Department. He is active in youth ministry and has a great knowledge of the scriptures. I loved listening to him…
20. Alma 16 ep 3 part 1 - The word we plant in our heart
Sep 28 • 43 min
What is the word we plant in our heart?
19. Alma 16 ep 2 - Patterns of evil - pride in being better than others
Sep 22 • 64 min
We continue our discussion in Alma 16
18. Alma 16 ep1- Same lies go round and round
Sep 15 • 46 min
We venture into the book of Alma and discuss a man preaching against the coming of Christ. Conversation ventures into the here and now and the same spirit that is present.
17. It isn’t a problem till it is- changed heart ep.1
Sep 8 • 60 min
Discussion begins on “a changed heart”.
16. Stories of the Saints - E3 - Zoey Blue Gard
Sep 6 • 63 min
Zoey shares her story.
15. Last words - Grace vs works
Sep 1 • 51 min
Final thoughts on grace/works and we begin to discuss having a change in heart
14. Works, the Law, grace, “the Jews” in America’s perspective
Aug 25 • 55 min
We wrap up discussion on works, grace, and the law with focus on the tribe of Joseph’s understanding of these things here in Americah
13. Grace, and defining works, what are we really saying?
Aug 18 • 53 min
We continue our discussion on the meaning of the word “works” in the debate of Grace vs. Works.
12. Blood, Grace, Works
Aug 11 • 32 min
We discuss the danger of “reading other people’s mail” as we venture into the discussion of Grace vs. Works
11. Blood of Christ
Aug 4 • 54 min
We discuss the blood. Its power. The work of Christ and the work we must also do.
10. Belief
Jul 28 • 57 min
We discuss belief, faith, and how they relate to our daily walk.
9. Coming back
Jul 21 • 54 min
The final prophecy continues as we discuss the journey back to him
8. The Fall
Jul 14 • 57 min
Discussion of the fall, the purpose, the need in order for man to have joy,
7. Stories of the Saints - E2 - Jack Hagensen
Jul 12 • 61 min
Jack Hagensen shares his story and love for his Lord.
6. Freedom part 2
Jul 3 • 63 min
We discuss freedom on a personal level. What does it mean to be free?
5. Freedom part 1
Jul 3 • 63 min
A special Independence Day two part episode on freedom, and the blessings and cursings promised for this land.
4. Prophecy
Jun 29 • 59 min
Discussion on prophecy, it’s meaning to us in everyday life.
3. Stories of the Saints - E1- Adam Gard
Jun 28 • 93 min
Stories of the saints episode 1
2. Home
Jun 22 • 54 min
Home. What were we created for?
1. Beyond the veil
Jun 17 • 54 min
Intro to podcast. Discussions on “the veil”