New Dayton

New Dayton
New Dayton shines a light on the Dayton region. We chat with small business owners and exciting people that choose to see the good in Dayton. Those that look at Dayton and see a city of opportunity. Let’s hear those stories. Let’s tell a story together. Let’s share the story of New Dayton.

Carrs & Co Photography House | Michael & Grace Carr
Aug 15 • 29 min
“Dayton is reclaiming its status as a hub for culture and creativity”- Michael Carr of Carrs & Co Photography House in Dayton, OH I couldn’t agree more, and there’s no doubt that Michael, his wife Grace, and their incredible team of photographers at Carrs…
John Gower | Hope and Daytopia 5.0
Aug 8 • 23 min
This week on the podcast, we wanted to feature someone who brings positivity to Dayton, day in and day out. We need some positivity right now. John Gower is the Director of Urban Design for City Wide, a group focused on moving the city forward. He has…
The Honorable Judge E. Gerald Parker Jr.
Jul 31 • 34 min
This past November, Judge Gerald Parker ran for and was elected to the Montgomery Common Pleas Court Bench, General Division. Montgomery County is the fifth largest county in Ohio, so it was quite a win for a man not yet forty years old, but especially…
Warped Wing | Nick Bowman
Jul 25 • 33 min
They’re a household name, beer aficionado or not. Warped Wing Brewing Company is one of New Dayton’s best: their incredible beer, stand-out branding, and jaw-dropping warehouse brewery that brings the full WW experience to anyone who walks in. I got to…
Old Scratch Pizza | Eric Soller
Jul 18 • 31 min
It’s no secret that Dayton is a pizza town, with pizza giants and pizza joints around every corner. But you won’t find a pizza place spoken of more highly than Old Scratch Pizza. Known for its signature Neapolitan-style pizza with a modern twist, diverse…
Century Bar | Joe Head
Jul 11 • 17 min
Top 50 Bourbon Bar in the US. #1 Bourbon Bar in Ohio. In our very own Downtown Dayton. The Century Bar opened in 1942 and has been around to experience Dayton’s decline and, more importantly, its rise, like few other businesses in Dayton can claim. In…
Scott Murphy | Downtown Dayton Partnership
Jul 9 • 26 min
When I ask my guests to “prove it”, that Dayton is coming back and thriving again, no one can prove it quite like the Vice President of Economic Development for the Downtown Dayton Partnership, Scott Murphy. He’s seen our city rise from simply managing…
Speakeasy Yoga | Tori Reynolds
Jul 2 • 42 min
In this interview with Tori Reynolds, the founder of Speakeasy Yoga, you’ll hear the story behind Speakeasy and why Tori decided to open such a hip and niche yoga studio in downtown Dayton, the story behind her and her fiance, Ben’s, Go with the Flow yoga…
Press Coffee Bar | Brett Barker
Jun 26 • 34 min
We got the chance to sit down with the pioneer of the specialty coffee scene in Dayton, Brett Barker of Press Coffee Bar, and hear the story of Press. Coffee lover or not, we know you’ll find the story behind the Dayton go-to engaging and inspiring.
The Dayton Arcade
Jun 12 • 23 min
“It’s the coolest place in downtown. Always has been, and soon will be.” - David Williams on The Dayton Arcade We got the chance to sit down with Cross Street Partners’ David Williams and Frances Kern Mennone, two of the key members behind the…
Dayton Tornado Relief
Jun 12 • 20 min
The tornado that struck the Dayton area the night of Memorial Day 2019 devastated numerous homes and businesses in our city. In its wake, we have seen the resiliency of Daytonians like never before. On today’s podcast, we talk with Levi Crowley, the…
Season 1 Trailer
Jun 12 • 6 min
Welcome to the New Dayton podcast! Season 1 is all about the urban core, downtown Dayton. We’ll hear from your favorite business owners and leaders that are taking an active role in creating a “New Dayton”, where small businesses and individuals can…