Minigame is a bite-sized dive into why we love video game stories. Twice a month, Michael Farris explores how video games are more powerful and more meaningful than ever. These are the stories that stay with us long after the galaxy is saved and the final boss is defeated.

Bury Me, My Love - Minigame Classics
Oct 13 • 8 min
This episode originally aired on September 10, 2018 It’s one thing to read about the Syrian refugee crisis in an article, or to see it on TV. But only a video game like Bury me, my Love could make the tragedy feel so real. MINIGAME is a short essay series…
Neo Cab and The Stories We Tell in the Dark
Oct 6 • 6 min
With Apple releasing their new gaming service, Apple Arcade, Michael takes a look at Neo Cab, one of the more unique games in the library and discovers that sometimes the most compelling stories are the ones we tell each other when the lights go out.
How Two Developers Interpreted the Fallout Universe
Sep 15 • 9 min
Interplay and Bethesda. The two main developers of the Fallout franchise. Despite working with the same canon, the two developers handled the universe very differently. In this episode, Michael explores the franchise as a whole and the themes and story…
Minigame Classics - Making Your Own Lore in ‘No Man’s Sky’
Aug 18 • 8 min
The story is whatever you make it in No Man’s Sky. Only a video game can give you the tools and the world to craft a narrative only you can. That’s why we love games.
Saying Goodbye to Mass Effect in the Citadel
Aug 11 • 8 min
Mass Effect 3 disappointed many long time fans. However, in this episode, Michael discusses the final DLC and how it was the perfect ending to the Mass Effect Trilogy
The Cinematic Inspirations of Hideo Kojima (Part 3)
Jul 14 • 8 min
Michael Farris (@Farristhewheel) examines Metal Gear Solid V and its odd place in the franchise and gives his prediction as to what we can expect from Death Stranding. MINIGAME is a short essay series produced and hosted by Michael Farris…
The Cinematic Inspirations of Hideo Kojima (Part 2)
Jul 1 • 9 min
In part 2 on game designer Hideo Kojima, Michael Farris (@farristhewheel) explores the campy adventures of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and the disappointing sequel: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. MINIGAME is a short essay series produced…
The Painful Nostalgia of Life is Strange - Minigame Classics
Jun 23 • 11 min
Life is Strange is a game that confronts the realities of nostalgia, and how it can be both painful and unproductive for our lives. MINIGAME is a short essay series produced and hosted by Michael Farris (@farristhewheel).
The Cinematic Inspirations of Hideo Kojima (Part 1)
Jun 19 • 7 min
It’s no secret that Hideo Kojima has always had ambitions to become a film director, and it becomes even more obvious when you look at the evolution of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Michael explores Kojima’s cinematic inspirations, and how Death…
Welcome to ‘Minigame’
Jun 10 • 0 min
Minigame is a deep-dive into video game stories and why we love them. It’s part diary, part essay and each episode will be 5 - 10 minutes long.