Veterinary Innovation Podcast

Veterinary Innovation Podcast
The Veterinary Innovation Podcast covers the most interesting, exciting, and controversial topics in the industry today. Veterinary technology entrepreneurs Shawn Wilkie and Dr. Ivan Zakharenkov chat with industry leaders and innovators about the biggest challenges they’re facing - and how they’re overcoming them.

22 - Lisa Hu |
Dec 5 • 21 min
Is locum work the way of the future when it comes to preventing burnout? This week on the show, Shawn & Ivan are joined by Lisa Hu, the CEO of Roo, for a discussion about empowering veterinarians to work where they want and when they want. Lisa recommends…
21 - Bruce Truman | BLT Consulting
Nov 28 • 23 min
There are more pets than ever before, but owners are seeking providers of care outside of the independent veterinary practice. This week, Bruce Truman of Babelbark joins Shawn & Ivan to discuss how adapting new technologies helps clinics stay competitive.…
20 - Maciej Wojcik | VetMedSolutions
Nov 21 • 15 min
E-collars are ubiquitous because of their effectiveness, but the “cone” is big, bulky, and unwieldy. In a live recording from the New York Vet Show, Shawn & Ivan are joined by Maciej Wojcik of VetMedSolutions to discuss alternative recovery garments.…
19 - Dr. Rory Lubold | Paion Vet
Nov 14 • 19 min
The subscription model has become incredibly popular through companies like Netflix. Could a similar model be applied to veterinary medicine? This week, Shawn & Ivan chat with Dr. Rory Lubold of Paion Vet about the potential of subscription medicine.…
18 - Tony Cairo | Anipanion
Nov 7 • 24 min
Telemedicine is an extremely broad category, one with many different functions and approaches. On this week’s episode, Shawn & Ivan are joined by Tony Cairo of Anipanion to talk about the different segments that companies are targeting in telemedicine.…
17 - Dr. Thom Jenkins | Gula
Oct 31 • 32 min
Taking a pet into a veterinary clinic is a high-effort action, and so pets are sometimes seen far later than they should have been. This week, Shawn & Ivan discuss lowering barriers through telehealth with Gula CEO & Co-Founder Dr. Thom Jenkins.
16 - Nick Kurgansky | Next In Line
Oct 24 • 22 min
The notion of scheduling appointments has been around for hundreds of years, and yet it is an incredibly inefficient process. This week, Nick Kurgansky, the CEO of Next In Line, joins Shawn & Ivan to discuss the strength of digital scheduling.
15 - Dan Eisenstadt |Terravet Real Estate
Oct 17 • 22 min
Everyone’s had that one bad landlord - but what if you could actually do something about it? This week on the show, Shawn & Ivan are joined by Daniel Eisenstadt, CEO & Chairman of Terravet Real Estate Solutions, to chat about veterinary real estate.
14 - Dr. Chip Ponsford
Oct 10 • 31 min
The lean methodology has been used to revolutionize operations in manufacturing and health care, but can it be used in the veterinary world? This week, Dr. Chip Ponsford joins Shawn & Ivan to discuss the value of continuous improvement.
13 - William Griffin, VMD
Oct 3 • 20 min
Veterinary clinics are not often thought of as businesses, but as with everything else they need to be managed. This week on the Veterinary Innovation Podcast, Shawn & Ivan speak with Dr. William Griffin about systems and processes for people management.
12 - Stephen Cital
Sep 26 • 34 min
The negative reputation of cannabis has long prevented innovation in alternative medical applications. This week on the show, Shawn & Ivan are joined by Stephen Cital of ElleVet Sciences for a crash course in cannabinoids.
11 - Dr. Aaron Smiley | Vetcor
Sep 19 • 20 min
Having a mentor - someone with experience that you can learn from - is important in any field. This week, Dr. Aaron Smiley joins Shawn & Ivan to talk about the importance of veterinary mentorship, and an innovative new approach for connecting people.
10 - Dr. Barry MacEachern | Burnside Veterinary Hospital
Sep 12 • 24 min
The goal of veterinary marketing is to drive more business to your clinic - but can there be too much of a good thing? This week, Shawn & Ivan are joined by Dr. Barry MacEachern, who speaks about his adventures in television.
09 - Brendan Lynch | VCA
Sep 5 • 24 min
There’s a perception of large companies as slow to adapt to change and not in search of innovation, but is this actually the case? Brendan Lynch, VP of Digital Strategy for VCA, is on the show this week to chat about innovation within large organizations.
08 - Dr. Stacee Santi | Vet2Pet
Aug 29 • 29 min
Smartphones have become an integral part of the lives of most everyone, yet veterinarians definitely aren’t taking advantage. This week, Shawn & Ivan speak with Dr. Stacee Santi, the owner of Vet2Pet, about using apps to connect clinics with clients.
07 - Jamie Moodie | Vetsdirect
Aug 22 • 28 min
Making a phone call is more efficient than traveling to a clinic, so why do pet owners need to come to a clinic for even the smallest issue? This week, Shawn and Ivan speak with Jamie Moodie, Managing Director of Vetsdirect, about telehealth.
06 - Dr. Frank Marchell
Aug 15 • 36 min
In this episode of the Veterinary Innovation Podcast, Shawn & Ivan speak with Dr. Frank Marchell about the efficiency created by technology.
05 - Randy Valpy | LifeLearn
Aug 8 • 34 min
This week on the Veterinary Innovation Podcast, Shawn and Ivan are joined by Randy Valpy, President and CEO of LifeLearn Animal Health, on how to make sure your web marketing helps your practice stand out against the rest.
04 - Dr. Justine Lee | VETgirl
Aug 1 • 29 min
Shawn & Ivan are thrilled to welcome the CEO of VETgirl Veterinary Continuing Education, Dr. Justine Lee, in an exploration of utilizing new media as part of a business’ core offerings.
03 - Dan Espinal | Rarebreed Veterinary Partners
Aug 1 • 27 min
Clinic consolidation is one of the most important issues facing the veterinary industry. On this episode of the Veterinary Innovation Podcast, Dan Espinal of Rarebreed Veterinary Partners joins Shawn & Ivan to shine a light on the practice.
02 - Dr. Etienne Côté
Aug 1 • 41 min
Dr. Etienne Côté, a professor at the Atlantic Veterinary College and a former teacher of Ivan’s, sits down with Shawn & Ivan as the first guest of the Veterinary Innovation Podcast to discuss what the teaching world has in common with the business world.
01 - Introduction
Jun 13 • 8 min
In this episode of Veterinary Innovation Podcast, co-hosts Shawn & Ivan introduce themselves and chat about why they wanted to start this new adventure.