Player’s Pick Podcast

Player’s Pick Podcast
“Player’s Pick Podcast is where I ask incredible guitarists, bassists, guitar techs and guitar pick collectors/authorities across a spectrum of styles and backgrounds to tell me their history around using guitar picks and how that has evolved over the

#20 Player’s Pick Podcast - Devin Townsend
Aug 6 • 77 min
Dev and I discuss how he hates change, have some laughs about it and he drops some sweet sage advice on how you could approach meditation ✨🧘🏻‍✨
#19 Player’s Pick Podcast - Dan Sugarman / Ice Nine Kills
Jul 30 • 108 min
Dan and I go in deep on thoughts and light on life. Love this dude!
#18 Player’s Pick Podcast - Max Georgiev / Falling In Reverse
Jul 23 • 49 min
Max and I talk about endless hours of practice and the dedication it takes to transform yourself.
#17 Player’s Pick Podcast - Marc Okubo / Veil Of Maya
Jul 16 • 40 min
Marc and I talk about how racism is dumb and music is cool
#16 Player’s Pick Podcast - Yvette Young / Covet
Jul 9 • 65 min
Yvette and I go in deep with all the things…life, music & people appreciation!
#15 Player’s Pick Podcast - Mike Scott / Justin Timberlake / Prince NPG
Jul 2 • 25 min
Mike takes us on a journey back in time back before cell phones and tells the story of how he got the gig with Prince.
#14 Player’s Pick Podcast - Jose Rios / Anderson .Paak & the Free Nationals
Jun 25 • 23 min
Jose talks about touring the world, early guitar lessons gives us a some great artists to check out
#13 Player’s Pick Podcast - Melanie Faye
Jun 18 • 28 min
Melanie Faye is an awesome up & coming guitarist to watch…John Mayer agrees!
#12 Player’s Pick Podcast - Nili Brosh
Jun 10 • 48 min
Nili and I talk Michael Jackson ONE, living in Vegas and the benefits of Cannabis. Check out Nili’s music in a custom curated playlist made for this episode on Spotify:
#11 Player’s Pick Podcast - Tosin Abasi / Animals As Leaders
Jun 4 • 96 min
Tosin and I go deep on the very nature of existence…find out what happens next when you press ▶️
#10 Player’s Pick Podcast - Mario Camarena & Erick Hansel / CHON
Apr 4 • 37 min
Mario & Erick talk guitar picks, coffee and Tennyson
#9 Player’s Pick Podcast - Ryan ‘Fluff’ Bruce / Rest, Repose
Mar 27 • 58 min
Fluff has Riffs & Beard will travel to Japan to cut his finger.
#8 Player’s Pick Podcast - Jared Dines
Mar 18 • 55 min
Jared Dines talks about guitar picks, life perspective & staying creative.
#7 Player’s Pick Podcast - Javier Reyes / Animals As Leaders
Mar 14 • 52 min
Javier Reyes of Animals As Leaders talks guitar picks, new projects and new music.
#6 Player’s Pick Podcast - Prashant Aswani
Feb 18 • 49 min
Prashant and I talk about his new album and a variety of our favorite players that have inspired us along the way.Check out Prashant’s music in the Player’s Pick Podcast Playlist #6 on Spotify
#5 Player’s Pick Podcast - Sacha Dunable / Intronaut
Feb 11 • 36 min
Sacha Dunable talks about how Tortex Yellow and Good Coffee saves lives…well at least his life.
#4 Player’s Pick Podcast - Eva Gardner / P!NK
Feb 5 • 39 min
Eva Gardner of P!NK talks about using picks on bass guitar.
#3 Player’s Pick Podcast - Aaron Marshall / Intervals
Jan 23 • 48 min
Aaron and I catch up and talk picks, meditation and choice new music.
#2 Player’s Pick Podcast - Gretchen Menn / Zepparella
Jan 22 • 57 min
Gretchen and I sip tea and talk Django & Jazz III
#1 Player’s Pick Podcast - Scottie LePage & Tim Henson / Polyphia
Jan 21 • 45 min
Scottie & Tim of Polyphia talk about guitar picks, life hacks and new music.
#0 Player’s Pick Podcast - Introduction Chrys Johnson & Steve Rock
Jan 20 • 26 min
Introduction episode w/ my good buddy Steve Rock