The Life Of Brian

The Life Of Brian
Life is a journey, so make it a great one. Most people know life can be difficult to say the least, but there’s thoughts that can transform how you think. Brian Parsley travels Globally and finds nuggets of wisdom to pass along. He believes in “sharin

Brian talks with Entrepreneur Alex Kemp
Apr 28 • 12 min
With so much going on with the 2020 pandemic people are seeking answers to uncertainty. Brian spent a few minutes talking with a small business owner on how he’s adapting his approach to serve his clients.
Mindset from former President of Husqvarna
Apr 22 • 23 min
We can learn so much from industry leaders. I’ve been interviewing successful business leaders in different verticals to uncover best practices.
Interview with CEO of Leading U.S. Staffing Firm Staffmark Group
Apr 21 • 16 min
This interview took an amazing turn into what we can do personally to release the stress and activate the success we all have. Geno Cutolo has taken the 2020 pandemic into a new opportunity to grow their business.
Do you label people?
Apr 14 • 6 min
We are living in a world where everyone is looking for an opportunity to shame someone. You actually may be guilty of this too.
Are you a backstabber?
Apr 13 • 5 min
Not sure I’ve ever met a backstabber who admits to being one. Actually, I doubt most backstabbers even know they are one. I see them mostly in the corporate environment, but also you’ve probably experienced it in your personal life too.
Why are you failing?
Apr 13 • 10 min
Have you ever taken time to consider why you failed? The fact is, all of us have experienced profound failures in our lives. But there’s a huge divide in the amount of people who are successful and those that are mediocre. Why is that?
Why do you chase unhappiness?
Apr 13 • 7 min
Too many people are chasing what they believe will make them happy. You chase things that make you unhappy and don’t know why. We discovered if you change your strategy and uncover what’s possible.
What’s your personal standard?
Apr 7 • 6 min
We live in a world full of expectations. It doesn’t matter what your company “policy” is or isn’t. What matters most is understanding how you can set a standard for
Are you living to your true potential?
Jun 7, 2019 • 3 min
What do you believe prevents you from being the best version of yourself? Is it fear? Doubt? Imagine how your life will different if you were able to push through and reach what you’re truly capable of in life?