The Zen of Everything

The Zen of Everything
A zen take on life, love, laughter, and everything else.

5: Shikantaza, Grape Juice, Alzheimer’s, Mindfulness, Buddhism as Religion, and a Woman who Feels no Pain
Aug 9 • 26 min
Jundo and Kirk discuss whether shikantaza is meditation, how to get a grape juice stain out of a carpet, how to deal with Alzheimers, how mindfulness is integrating in modern society, whether Buddhism is a religion, and the interesting case of a woman who…
4: Good Days, Hot Weather, Ikkyu, Happiness, Politics, Anger, Appliances, and the Ugly Lama
Jul 26 • 27 min
Jundo explains why all days are good days, and Kirk laments the hot weather in Europe. They revisit Ikkyu ("that old horndog"), and discuss politics, anger, a dead appliance, and the Ugly Lama. Kōdō Sawaki (Wikipedia) lKKYU was a DRUNKEN HORNDOG…
3: Cars, Drugs, Busses, and Simple Living
Jul 12 • 25 min
Jundo and Kirk discuss what makes a car a car, whether gamblers and criminals should donate money to good causes, how a bus driver can help make the world better, and a book on simple living. Treeleaf Zendo He’s Playing His Cards Right Ikkyū (Wikipedia)…
2: Hot Dogs, Space Aliens, Vegetarians, Glasses, and Sitting Zazen Every Day
Jun 28 • 27 min
All things are impermanent, but this podcast has made it to its second episode. Jundo and Kirk discuss whether a hot dog is a sandwich, explore the question of being a vegetarian, whether one should wear glasses when sitting zazen, and whether one really,…
1: Cats, Lawyers, Health, Women, and Roshis
Jun 7 • 28 min
For the first episode of The Zen of Everything, we explain why we started this podcast, and what we plan to do. We then explore whether cats are zen masters, discuss Buddhist lawyers, talk about practicing zen with health problems, explore the idea of…