Work Comp Pulse

Work Comp Pulse
Interviews of professionals in workers’ compensation

E9 - Patrick O’Neill, Founder & CEO, Redhand Advisors
Aug 17 • 35 min
Steve Schmutz interviews Patrick O’Neill, Founder and CEO, Redhand Advisors
E8 - Steve Heinen, Vice President, Pritchard and Jergen
Aug 5 • 36 min
Steve Schmutz interviews Steve Heinen, Vice President and Partner with Pritchard & Jerden.
E7 - Heather Sanderson, CLO, Franco Signor
Jul 22 • 31 min
Steve Schmutz interviews Heather Sanderson, Chief Legal Officer at Franco Signor.
E5 - Interview with Paul Binsfeld, CEO, Company Nurse
Jun 20 • 30 min
Steve Schmutz interviews Paul Binsfeld, Founder and CEO, Company Nurse LLC
E6 - Ken Paradis, CEO and Founder, Chronovo
Jun 20 • 36 min
Steve Schmutz interviews Ken Pardis, Founder and CEO of Chronovo.
E4 - Rebecca Morgan, Dir of Product Development, Mitchell International
Jun 13 • 34 min
Steve interviews Rebecca Morgan, Director of Product Development at Mitchell International.
E3 - Ingrid O’Keefe, Dir of Business Development, ODG by MCG
Jun 10 • 28 min
Steve interviews Ingrid O’Keefe, Director of Business Development for ODG by MCG
E2 - Mike Marsh, President, Midland Claims
Jun 7 • 36 min
Steve interviews Mike Marsh, President of Midland Claims.
Work Comp Pulse
Jun 6 • 8 min
This is the pilot episode for the Work Comp Pulse podcast, by your host Steve Schmutz. Work Comp Pulse is a podcast about the amazing people in the workers’ compensation industry. We interview workers’ comp professionals from every part, from every place,…