Selling in Asia with Tom Abbott

Selling in Asia with Tom Abbott
How Sales Teams Excel In Asia With SOCO Sales Training

Quick Tip: How To Motivate Your Sales Team
Oct 21 • 2 min
My team’s not hitting targets, what do I do? That’s a question I got asked the other day by a sales leader I work with. She tells me the team is not making as many calls as they should be and they’re not as responsive to new enquiries as they need to be.…
Lessons from 20 Years in Business
Oct 14 • 4 min
The other day the LinkedIn app on my phone just started blowing up with messages. People were saying ’congrats’, congratulations! Way to go! And I’m like What’s going on? Turns out LinkedIn had shared my 20-year milestone at SOCO Sales Training. It’s been…
Why Everyone Should Work In Sales At Least Once
Oct 7
Hi everyone, I have a special episode to motivate you all today on why everyone should work in sales. If you’re in sales, I want you to be proud of what you do and know that it can be a lifelong and rewarding career or a stepping stone to something else.…
Quick Tip: Dealing with ‘Satisfied ’ Prospects
Sep 30 • 2 min
I do a lot of sales training for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) providers around Asia and the common question that I get from them is “How do I get customers already signed up with my competition, to sign up with me?” In this except from a…
Good vs Bad Salespeople
Sep 23 • 10 min
In every single organisation, you’re going to find a combination of good sales professionals and not so good sales professionals. I’ve found that there are very specific traits that separate the top performers from the bottom. In this episode, I share…
Quick Tip: Networking Dos and Don’ts
Sep 16 • 4 min
Attending networking events is one of my favourite ways to get a pulse on what’s happening in the world. It’s amazing the things you can learn about changes in the market and new trends just from meeting new people and listening. Sure it’s great to meet…
How to Create An Effective Sales Playbook
Sep 10 • 10 min
I work with organisations all the time with decent size sales teams that don’t use a sales playbook. They have superstar sales reps who out perform the others, while some continue to struggle and no one really knows why some perform better than others.…
5 Ways Women Can Use Confidence To Excel In Sales with Andreea Zoia
Sep 3 • 6 min
Here’s a special episode for all of the ladies in sales but men, you can benefit from these tips too. While in Dubai recently I met up with my friend Andreea Zoia a TV Host, ex-model and Confidence Coach to discuss how women in sales can become more…
Quick Tip: Getting More Referrals
Aug 26 • 2 min
One of the easiest and cheapest ways to get more clients is to ask your existing ones for referrals. It’s easy, yet most people don’t do this one easy step which is just asking. Today I want you to think about who can you ask for a referral. If you ask 5…
Using AI to Qualify and Engage Leads with Gabriel Lim
Aug 19 • 20 min
To some people, this will sound like a dream come true; more inbound leads and more enquiries than you can handle. Believe it or not, this is a problem that some companies have. Particularly one company that we worked with a few months ago that was…
5 Small Biz Sales Myths Debunked
Aug 13 • 7 min
Small business owners play a lot of different roles inside their companies and being the salesperson is one of them. When speaking to entrepreneurs I hear common misconceptions from them around sales. These ‘myths’ are holding them back from success with…
How To Network Effectively Using Social Media with Gil Petersil
Aug 5 • 42 min
I met up with my friend Gil Petersil for an online networking marathon with a huge audience in Russia. Privet! In this episode, we talk about social selling and how to network effectively using social media.
LinkedIn For Lead Generation with Natalia Wiechowski
Jul 15 • 4 min
While in Dubai I met up with my friend and fellow LinkedIn advocate, Natalia Wiechowski, to share the LinkedIn tips that you need to be doing if you want to succeed at using LinkedIn to generate leads for your business.
Out Of The Box Networking with Kerrie Phipps
Jul 9 • 9 min
Networking Tips with Kerrie Phipps Connect with people anytime and anywhere. In this episode, Kerrie Phipps share with us some networking tips to helps sales professional connect online and offline. Do talk to strangers. Kerrie Phipps. She is an author of…
Essential Memory Skills for Sales Professionals with Nishant Kasibhatla
Jul 1 • 9 min
Memory Skills For Sales Professionals Sales professionals meet a lot of people whether it’s at networking events or on sales calls. If you run into that person 5 hours or even 5 minutes later, would you remember their name? Being able to recognise someone…
Mindset Needed to Succeed in Sales – Interview by Andreea Zoia
Jun 24 • 6 min
In this Q&A session, Tom Abbott and TV Presenter Andreea Zoia discuss what are some of the problems that sales teams are facing right now and how having the right sales mindset will not only benefit a salesperson but also your perception on life. Listen…
Selling in China with Ashley Dudarenok
Jun 18 • 2 min
I recently met up with my friend Ashley Dudarenok who is based in Hong Kong and does a lot of work in Mainland China. I asked her to share with us her best tips around connecting and selling in China. Sales is all about connections and relationships and…
10x Your Business with Grant Cardone
Jun 6 • 35 min
While Grant Cardone was in Singapore, I sat down with him at his suite at Marina Bay Sands with the view of Singapore’s Central Business District behind us to discuss how to get the mindset to 10x your life, income and business. Too many people are…