Golden Dragon Radio

Golden Dragon Radio
Talking about things like law of attraction, energy healing, feng shui, affirmations, (and your mom ;)

Friday 12/13/19
Dec 13 • 59 min
More about Abraham Hicks. Their 3 Universal Laws. Peter Drucker’s Managing Oneself. Mantak Chia & Paht Chee (Four Pillars) Astrology. A bit about Warren Buffett also. Do your segment intending! Focus and CONCENTRATE on what you want. Enjoy!
Wednesday 12/11/19
Dec 11 • 57 min
Abraham Hicks and the process of Segment Intending. It’s just so powerful and great! I love it.
Saturday 12/7/19
Dec 7 • 49 min
Talkin about scanning the strength of beliefs (using your hands) and then removing resistant thoughts thru eft. My personal experience with strong beliefs. And back to the basics as taught by Abraham Hicks, Neville Goddard, Reverend Ike, etc.
Sunday 12/1/19
Dec 1 • 59 min
Abraham Hicks. Tools like salt & coffee baths, different types of meditation, different types of energy healing visualizations, giving the mind something to focus on, and so on. Just a chat to get grounded and to remember the basics of the…
Friday 11/29/19
Nov 29 • 72 min
Law of attraction basics via Abraham Hicks. Fundamentals. Focus on easy things to get into vortex. That takes care of the big things too. Quick summary of Men are From Mars, Women From Venus, understanding the differences between men and women. Also good…
Sunday 11/24/19
Nov 24 • 43 min
Talkin Abraham Hicks and what I’ve been learning from them lately.
Saturday 11/16/19
Nov 16 • 23 min
Diets, man, diets.
Friday 11.15.19
Nov 15 • 22 min
Daily hype
Thursday 11/14/19
Nov 14 • 46 min
Law of attraction, focusing on wanted, don’t help others (!), live as an example rather than convert others to your ways, get in the high vibration as often as you can and stay there, appreciate, meditate, blog things you love, write things you love and…
Sunday 9/10/19
Nov 10 • 29 min
Just get in the zone.
Saturday 11/9/19
Nov 9 • 33 min
Affirmations! Get into state. Energy healing & space clearing techniques.
Thursday 11/7/19
Nov 7 • 66 min
Imagination, Visualization, and Pretending. Affirmations. Love everything unconditionally. Beliefs create reality.
Saturday 10/26/19
Oct 26 • 69 min
Talking about affirmations & how pro wrestlers have used them unintentionally. How to change your beliefs via Abraham Hicks & Byron Katie. How now I eat whatever I want (gluten!) and my digestion is super smooth because I changed my beliefs. Mantras as a…
Wednesday 10/23/19
Oct 23 • 60 min
Basics, once again. I AM affirmations for today. You create your own reality thru your thoughts, feelings, emotions, visualizations, speech, vibration. What I learned from a road trip. A couple of my default belief systems I want to change. The…
Thursday 10/17/19
Oct 17 • 57 min
Beliefs create reality. Different flavors for different people.
Tuesday 10/15/19
Oct 15 • 62 min
Just talking about the fundamentals. How to change your state by changing your physiology. Cold showers, hot baths, jumping up and down, thumping chest, yelling positive things, etc. Give what you want to get. Give happiness to get happiness. Use…
Saturday 10/12/19
Oct 12 • 44 min
Fundamentals are to think, write, speak, & imagine good things. Use feelings as an indicator that you are on the right path via Abe Hicks. Motivation doesn’t last, thus we need it daily via Zig Ziglar. Sound = Hype. Energy Hygiene, Qigong, Tibetan Rites,…
Wednesday 10/9/19
Oct 9 • 49 min
More about I AM affirmations. The creative power of the spoken word. Before & after sleep are two super important periods of time for manifesting. Erase the unpleasant past & reimagine it thru The Pruning Shears of Revision technique by Neville Goddard.…
Monday 10/7/19
Oct 7 • 51 min
The law of giving: give what you want to get. Tithing. The go-giver book. Neville Goddard & Joe Dispenza meditations. I am affirmations. Question your negative thoughts via Byron Katie. Eckhart Tolle, Abraham Hicks, Florence Scovel Shinn. Qigong is the…
Friday 10/4/19
Oct 4 • 56 min
Talking about I AM affirmations, self talk, a new traditional feng shui book, paht chee by Mantak Chia and qigong, and the teachings of Reverend Ike & Neville Goddard (feeling gets the blessing, feel as if, right before sleep is the best time). Check out…
I Love Qigong
Aug 11 • 68 min
Talking about how I discovered spring forest qigong, my experiences with it, and all I know about this amazing all-encompassing healing modality called qigong. I now believe qigong is the single best healing modality one can do for emotional, spiritual,…
Delete Your Cookies
Jul 31 • 48 min
Real life and electronic life are similar in that you can get cookied and this means you keep seeing the same ads over and over and seeing the same things in real life over and over. You can change your state any time by changing your thoughts, beliefs,…
Self Talk
Jul 24 • 55 min
Beliefs = Thoughts You Keep Thinking. Repeated Thoughts = Self Talk. Change your self talk, change your beliefs, which changes your reality. The idea of positive self talk by Shad Helstetter and his book What to say when you talk to yourself. And his site…
Alladin & Tithing
Jul 9 • 57 min
I talk about how much I loved Alladin the new movie with Will Smith. Genie representing the idea of the all powerful subconscious mind. I share two more powerful energy hygiene techniques (coffee baths, black tea baths). I explain how you can use…
Jul 1 • 41 min
Talking about the various things I have learned about affirmations over the years from teachers such as Florence Scovel Shinn, Catherine Ponder, Louise Hay, Edwene Gaines, Paramahansa Yogananda, Reverend Ike, Joel Osteen, and Abraham Hicks. The idea of…
Energy Hygiene
Jun 27 • 48 min
Discussing various types of energy hygiene techniques I have learned over the years that is applicable to all humans but especially highly sensitive people and empaths. Things like cord cutting, cleaning cords, salt baths, shielding, visualization, &…
Paht Chee Chinese Astrology
Jun 23 • 61 min
All about Paht Chee Chinese Astrology. Finding your personal chart for free at, figuring out what all that info means, your yin and yang balance, elemental balance, figuring out if your self element is strong or weak, good & bad luck elements,…
Feng Shui
Jun 20 • 61 min
Sharing everything I know about the idea of feng shui, including BTB (aka Western feng shui aka Black Hat Sect), authentic traditional chinese feng shui, and even pranic healing feng shui. Then a little bit about outer feng shui, inner feng shui, time…
You gotta believe before it manifests
Jun 12 • 66 min
How all the religious and spiritual things are merely technologies designed to make you believe. Topics include Abraham Hicks, Neville Goddard, Tibetan Buddhism, Visualization, Mantras, Prayer Wheels, etc. Prayer wheels work if you believe in it. Same for…
EFT, Abraham Hicks, Holosync, and Tibetan Rites
Jun 4 • 56 min
Talkin about my adventures in energy healing and various modalities. Going deep into a modality vs hopping around. And how now I’m back to the basics of abraham hicks, eft by gary craig, holosync, and tibetan rites as my main foundational things.