The Loneliness Collaboration Podcast

The Loneliness Collaboration Podcast
We are all in this together

EP7: Mens mental health & LGBTQ+ with Dan Taylor
Jul 10
EP6: Self Love with special guests Holls, Saz & P from The Passionfruit Podcast
Jul 3
In this episode we dive into the topic of self love and how we practise it.
EP5: Alcohol Addiction
Jun 19
In this episode we talk about our experiences with alcohol, from alcohol addiction, dependancy and what it’s like growing up with an alcoholic parent. Venus shares her experiences of alcoholic addiction and Natalie discusses her relationship with her…
EP4: Self Harm: Natalie tells her story
Jun 11
In this episode we talk about self harming and Natalie opens up about her experiences with self harming, how she dealt with it and what’s helped her when it comes to living with her scars.
EP3: Mental health and Suicide: Venus tell’s her story
Jun 8
In this episode we talk openly about suicide and the affects it can have on those around us. Venus also open’s up on her experience’s with attempted suicide and how she manages with guilt and moving on.
EP2: Bullying and the effects it has on our mental health
Jun 8
In this episode we talk all things bulling and how it can affect our mental health. Venus talks about bullying in the workplace and how it lead to a serious plunge in her mental health. Whilst Natalie share her experience of bullying with close friends.
EP1: How we dealt with our mental health during school, college & University
Jun 8
For our first ever episode Natalie and Venus take it right back to the beginning. Share and tell all about how and when they became aware of their mental health and how they dealt with it growing up. Especially at a time when mental health was still a…