the airing cupboard

the airing cupboard
… where the extraordinary stories of ordinary people get an airing… A curation of short stories almost exclusively recorded in the confines of an old airing cupboard. Tune in, listen and let the narrator take you into the lives of others and be rem…

Ezekiel 5
Aug 13 • 13 min
A tender story of a man’s journey into discovery of what lies beneath the surface…
The bench under the big lime tree
Aug 5 • 23 min
Spanning over three decades in Paris, this is a story about mother–daughter relashionships, an affair and of course, love…
Jul 22 • 16 min
Set in Cairo, Egypt, this is a story depicting the comforting and restorative effects that a home can have on one’s emotional well being…
The engagement ring
Jul 14 • 18 min
Set in the fifties, in Africa, this story recounts a child’s memory, a mesmerising couple and and engagement ring…
the big white cat
Jul 3 • 20 min
A short story about love, betrayal and a big white cat…
The Tuareg compass
Jun 21 • 17 min
A short story just and simply about love
The painter and the orchestra
Jun 11 • 27 min
A story about an artist, a painting and an orchestra and about finding friendship in the strangest places when you need it most…
The little orange lady
Jun 3 • 18 min
A story about a train journey, a book and the convergence of lives.
Why the airing cupboard?
Jun 1 • 3 min
A short episode about the aim of the airing cupboard
The airing cupboard jingle
May 31 • 0 min
Just our podcast jingle