Billionaire Coming Soon Podcast

Billionaire Coming Soon Podcast
Welcome to The Billionaire Coming Soon Podcast where we listen to the stories of women who share their journeys of how they were able to start their business. Hosted by Eliza Cabrera

From High School Runaway to leveraging Credit to create wealth Ft. Breanna Taylor
Oct 2 • 25 min
Breanna Taylor From Highschool runaway to credit repair specialist Breanna ran away from home in highschool and shares with us how college was a complete blur, but with the love of God she was saved and is now living a purposeful and meaningful life.…
From Physical Therapy Major to Public Relations Major with Yazzmine Colbert
Sep 18 • 35 min
Get to Listen to Yazzmine Story today! From Today’s Episode: Yazzmine Colbert IG: Yazzcolbert Host: Eliza Cabrera [email protected] [email protected] —- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
What it takes succeed in Digital Marketing Ft. Makeda Paul
Sep 11 • 47 min
This girl has really been in the process of mastering Digital Marketing. Marketing has always been in her blood from working in college doing marketing for Apple, to landing a copy writing Gig with Kendall Jenner’s team! She understands the power of…
Helping Corporate dropouts transition to Entrepreneurship ft. Marie Deaveaux
Sep 4 • 21 min
Business management practice and used that to fuel her passion for helping specifically women of color manage their business. She understands the importance of not relying on one job as your source of income. She gives some great tips on the importance of…
How this Domestic Violence Survivor became a Self Taught Baker
Aug 28 • 31 min
This episode is deep, real, and goood!!! Jennifer is living proof of a true survivor. Her cupcake business has brought her peace and happiness. She’s a YouTube self taught baker, teen mom of 2, domestic violence survivor. Please tell me what is your…
How to become Stress FREE with Monica Bundy
Aug 21 • 28 min
Monica Bundy is a stress management coach. Who starting coaching once she had enough with the way her life was going. She began a journey with herself and was able to achieve success. She is now helping other women achieve the same results through her…
How to write a book that Profits Ft. Jessica LeeAnn
Aug 15 • 14 min
How to write a book that Profits From Today’s Episode: JEssica LeeAnn IG: Chocolatereadings Host: Eliza Cabrera @elizacabrera01 @BILLIONAIRECOMINGSOON —- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.…
From Depression to Christian Mindset Coach
Aug 4 • 28 min
From Depression to Christian Mindset Coach Samantha is on a mission to help christian women overcome depression and low self-esteem. As someone who was affected by depression after undergoing some trauma in her teenage years. She understands the pain and…
How to fix your credit ft. Ariel Charles
Jul 24 • 27 min
Ariel Charles Fashion Blogger/ Credit Repair Specialist is sharing with us how you are losing out and spending more when your credit is shot and how to get buying power with good credit. She shares some great beginner steps to help you get your credit…
From Passion Project to Profit Ft. Lisa Seigle
Jul 16 • 26 min
As a solopreneur Lisa started with a just a blog and a passion of cooking. It was a tough journey and she went through a lot of diffrent hurldes but she did not let this get in her way of her goal to work from home and make this a success. From Today’s…
How to Create Multiple Streams of Income Ft. Asia Binion
Jul 10 • 34 min
Asia Binion Asia went through a deep cleanse of healing herself. The healing journey has led her to where she is now. She is now a successful serial entrepreneur with her candle business & Forex trading. She is slowly on her way to creating true wealth.…
From a Beyonce Challenge to Full Time Vegan/Entrepreneur
Jul 3 • 30 min
Yelixsa Mattehews From a Beyonce challenge to literally becoming vegan full time to becoming a full time entrepreneur. Yelixsa has a beautiful story on how she was lead to her purpose and is now impacting lives by educating and being a resource for those…
What it takes to fire your boss ft. Kyesha Williams
Jun 26 • 39 min
Kyesha Williams is a Business Strategist who is helping women quit their 9-5 and get paid for their purpose. This is not another cliche. This woman has worked hard for where she is today. With 3 daughters she was able to pursue her dreams to…
From Zero to Six Figures Featuring Amanda Watkins
Jun 18 • 25 min
Amanda Watkins is a business coach who shares with us how she managed to start her online boutique and bring it from zero to 6 figures in 3 months! And no it wasn’t easy but with a little persistence, determination, and tweaking what didn’t work she made…
Breaking Generational Curses in the Latino Community Ft. Jessenia Vargas
Jun 11 • 22 min
Get to listen to the story about how Jessenia Vargas went from having a dream of becoming a dancer and singer to now being a financial adviser. Listen to her wonderful story on how she was able to go from auditions to opening up her own Financial Advising…
1. How to not let the fear of failure stop you Featuring Kemishia Sorzano
Jun 4 • 23 min
Hey Ladies! In this episode I interview my partner from the Social Tea Kemisha Sorzano. Kemisha is a Motivational Speaker and Publisher who shares with us her journey on how she was able to publish her first book which features 39 women from all over the…