Generations United Podcast

Generations United Podcast
Join our host Donna Butts on The Generations United Podcast for candid and lively conversations with luminaries in the intergenerational field. Tune in to learn how to strengthen our communities and improve the lives of children, youth, and older adult…

8: Erin Hilligan on Ebenezer Ridges, an Intergenerational Shared Site
Oct 2 • 20 min
Twenty years ago, Ebenezer Ridges in Burnsville, MN, offered a skilled nursing facility and an adult day services program. Today, they’re an intergenerational shared site with HUD-funded senior housing, an assisted living facility on campus, and a c…
7: ZERO TO THREE on Grandparents as Child Care Providers
Sep 23 • 22 min
Grandparents play a critical role in filling the gap as parents struggle to provide the best affordable care for their children. In fact, almost 1 in 4 children under age 5 is cared for on a regular basis by a grandparent. That’s according to ZERO T…
6: Nancy Henkin on Intergenerational Programming in Senior Housing
Sep 3 • 23 min
In this episode, Dr. Nancy Henkin, our senior fellow and a pioneer in the intergenerational field, discusses her mentor Maggie Kuhn, intergenerational programming in senior housing, and getting young people interested in careers in aging.
5: Joan Lombardi on What’s Going Right for America
Aug 12 • 18 min
In this episode, Dr. Joan Lombardi, a giant in the early education field, discusses the role of community elders being changemakers for children and youth. She also discusses family separation at the border.
4: Derenda Schubert on Bridge Meadows
Jul 15 • 27 min
Our conference co-host Bridge Meadows is changing the world by starting in their neighborhood in Portland, OR. They provide safe, stable and supportive communities for youth in foster care, adoptive parents, and elders. Their Executive Director Dr. …
3: Michelle Singletary on Financial Lessons Learned from “Big Mama”
Jun 11 • 21 min
Michelle Singletary often mentions how her “Big Mama” was so great at saving money that it was like breathing to her grandmother. The syndicated Washington Post columnist shares that wisdom with her readers each week. In this episode, Michelle not o…
2: Marc Freedman on Legacy and Living Forever
Jun 8 • 24 min
In this episode, Encore’s CEO Marc Freedman shares how he got into intergenerational work, discusses his mentors, what inspires him, his book, the importance of leaving a legacy and more!
1: Donna Butts on Generations United
May 30 • 10 min
In this first episode, Generations United’s Executive Director Donna Butts provides an overview of Generations United, which went from a small coalition to the world leader in helping to raise and elevate the importance of intergenerational strategi…