The Imposters Club

The Imposters Club
The podcast for misfits in tech.

#19 Why Amazon is kicking everybody’s ass
Oct 13 • 8 min
In which we reveal the secret to work-life balance.
#18 Who’s the Asshole Now?
Sep 11 • 8 min
The first thing we do, let’s kill all the assholes…but before that, cover up all the mirrors.
#17 The Oasis Isn’t Coming to You
Sep 2 • 9 min
What is the best advice I can give to a new dev about to start her first year in tech?
#16 Helmet sports and social experiments
Aug 5 • 7 min
This episode reveals why good things do NOT happen to those who wait.
#15 Why are there so many Eeyores in tech?
Jul 29 • 8 min
Why are there so many Eeyores in tech? Is it nature or nurture? Is that even the right question to ask…
#14 Dashcon, Datadog and the virtuous cycle
Jul 23 • 10 min
Some thoughts on virtuous circles inspired by my experience at Dashcon.
#13 The parable of the hole
Jul 16 • 7 min
In which I fan the flames of the 10x debate.
#12 The emperor has no clothes!
Jul 12 • 7 min
If you take away the content, what does Netflix have to offer?
#11 The best language to learn in 2019 is English.
Jul 9 • 7 min
Legit ballin’ with the Agile Manifesto.
#10 Would anybody tell me if I were incompetent?
Jul 5 • 8 min
Your manager probably sucks. Here’s why.
#9 Craftsmanship? LOL!
Jul 2 • 7 min
“Craftsman”. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
#8 The Expertise Trap
Jun 24 • 8 min
Ten thousand hours of deliberate practice? Strictly for suckaz!
#7 How to find the right mentor in tech.
Jun 20 • 7 min
It’s not who you think…
#6 Where did all the coaches go?
Jun 17 • 8 min
Let’s stand athwart the long downward skid to loser-ville yelling, “Stop!”
#5 The art of thinking without thinking
Jun 11 • 7 min
Mental leaps, deduction, and the 5 hour rule…
#4 Let’s All Be Different Together…
Jun 7 • 6 min
Why you should never tailor your resume to a job description.
#3 Worst. Meeting. Ever.
Jun 4 • 8 min
Flatulence, caste systems, and the evil of banality.
#2 Drink the Hotdog Water
May 30 • 7 min
Don’t roll up into da club in cargo shorts.
#1 Puffs or Kleenex?
May 28 • 7 min
Are you an asset or a commodity? Your journey in tech depends on how you answer that question.