Chamber Chats

Chamber Chats
Welcome to Chamber Chats, the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce’s Special Small Business Week Podcast where we delve into all things business with leading experts, innovators and businesses just like yours.

Starting with Start-ups
Jun 3 • 22 min
Today we will be talking to Coby Sullivan the Regional Innovation Coordinator at SCRIPT – the initiative dedicated to fueling innovation on the Sunshine Coast about the start-up culture on the Sunshine Coast.
Smart Cities and what they mean for small business
May 30 • 47 min
In this episode of Chamber Chats the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce will be looking into ‘smart cities’ what they are, what they require and how small business can connect with the latest tech and grow with the newest ideas. Joining us is Merrick Spain and…
Great White Pointers with STEVE BAXTER
May 29 • 55 min
Not one to mince words, Steve Baxter talks through some of the major elements of business and tech today from agriculture, flying cars and NBN to online mattresses - everything is up for grabs.
Taking Your Business to New Heights: Part Two
May 28 • 14 min
In this episode the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce is joined by CEO of the Sunshine Coast Airport, Andrew Brodie to discuss the enormous opportunities being made available to small business on the Sunshine Coast.
Taking Your Business to New Heights: Part One
May 27 • 20 min
Exploring the exciting opportunities and outcomes made available through the Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion Project with a particular focus on the rise of local agribusiness.