Crosscut Talks

Crosscut Talks
Replays of Crosscut’s live interviews with the people who shape our world, including conversations from Crosscut Festival. Hosted by Mark Baumgarten and produced by Sara Bernard.

How Washington’s Attorney General Keeps Beating Trump
Jul 16 • 49 min
In January 2017 Bob Ferguson became the first state attorney general to sue the Trump Administration. That was in response to the president’s attempt to ban travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries. Since then, the Washington state attorney general…
Covering the Trump White House
Jul 9 • 47 min
The life of a White House correspondent has changed dramatically in the last few years. From early-morning tweets to alternative facts to the outright vilification of the news media, President Donald Trump has upended the conventions of Washington, and…
Has the Next Civil War Already Started?
Jul 2 • 50 min
In America, Civil War as long been relegated to history books and Ken Burns films. But recently it has become a live topic. Crosscut gathered a panel of political experts and journalists to discuss the deepening tribalism of extreme partisan politics,…
Jeff Merkley on Trump, Mueller and Making Congress Work Again
Jun 27 • 52 min
Jeff Merkley has made a name for himself by challenging President Trump on the courts and immigration, inspiring some chatter that the junior senator from Oregon might run for president. But earlier this year, Merkley joined a rarefied group: Democrats…
2020 Visions: Presidential Election Predictions and Projections
Jun 21 • 90 min
The 2020 election is almost a year and a half away, but the race is already on. There are two dozen Democrats, and one Republican, lining up to challenge President Donald Trump. And the news cycle is dominated by big questions about who can win, and how.…
Pramila Jayapal’s Case for a More Progressive Politics
Jun 13 • 50 min
She has been in congress for less than 3 years, but Pramila Jayapal is already shifting the conversation in the other Washington. As the co-chair of the House Progressive Caucus at the dawn of newfound Democratic power, the Seattle-area representative has…
How Macklemore and Doug Baldwin Jr. Use Their Fame to Make Social Change
Jun 4 • 60 min
Some activists need to use loudspeakers, but others are fortunate enough to already have the world’s attention. Colin Kaepernick, for example, showed how a single act — and the commitment to repeat it — can both inspire and agitate on a national scale.…
Christine Todd Whitman Takes on Trump
May 30 • 50 min
As the head of the Environmental Protection Agency in the early ‘00s, Christine Todd Whitman served at the pleasure of one Republican president. Now the former Republican governor of New Jersey is being very public about her displeasure with another.…
Is Socialism the Future of the Democratic Party?
May 24 • 50 min
Socialism may ignite the ire of Republicans and many baby boomers, but it is gaining broad acceptance from millennials as politicians like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Bernie Sanders urge the country to adopt some of its tenets. We bring together…