Chew The Fat

Chew The Fat
Think. Talk. Do.

S2E19 : What’s in a Word?
Mar 13
Heidi and Shar start off this episode talking about the word fat as a descriptor vs. an insult. Is it a word we can reclaim without negativity? They go on to talk about the “level of fat” acceptable by media standards or fat people being used as the weird…
S2E18 : Beachwear, Don’t Care
Mar 6
Shar and Heidi talk about swimsuit shopping and beachwear as we approach spring break and summer. Regardless of body size or shape, some are intimidated by baring that extra skin as warmer times are ahead. They discuss being intentional on finding things…
S2E17 : I’m Just A Little Jumpy
Feb 28
Heidi and Shar tackle anxiety this week. Anxiety can present itself in many different ways – isolation, overwhelming questions, irritability and even controlling behaviors. So how do we recognize it and how do we deal with it? If you have anxiety or…
S2E16 : Do You Want A Little Cheese With That Whine?
Feb 21
Shar and Heidi talk about the difference between advocating for yourself and simply complaining. They share stories of how they had to learn to stand up for themselves. Self-advocacy is not always taught when we are young and may not even my modeled by…
S2 E15 : I’m All That & A Bag Of Chips
Feb 14
Heidi and Shar talk about “complimenting” people’s bodies. Should we comment on the appearance of others? Specifically, should we tell someone if we think they have lost weight? They discuss how accomplishments should never be tied to appearance and end…
S2 E14 : I’ll Just Put That Over Here
Feb 7
Shar and Heidi dig into feelings AGAIN because deal with them we must! They specifically talk about needing vulnerability to forge genuine relationships with others and especially in creating a healthy relationship with OURSELVES. Vulnerability can be…
S2 E13: Identity Fraud
Jan 30
Heidi and Shar share their experiences growing up that shaped their identity. They talk about the importance of living your life authentically and making your own decisions (even when it’s hard!) rather than filling the expectations of others. Food and…
S2 E12: Tis The Season: Finding Forgiveness
Dec 13, 2019
Shar and Heidi discuss the importance of forgiveness in self-healing.
S2 E11: Why Is It An “Either/Or”?
Dec 6, 2019
Heidi and Shar talk about self-care and how that varies for each individual.
S2 E10: At First I Was Afraid, I Was Petrified: Surviving Thanksgiving
Nov 22, 2019
Shar and Heidi chat about the trials the holidays can bring, especially if you struggle with body image.
S2 E9: What’s the BIG Deal: Other People’s Filters
Nov 15, 2019
Heidi and Shar start this episode discussing how they did not always own their own feelings and opinions growing up.
S2 E8: I’ll Never Fit In: Fighting for Acceptance
Nov 8, 2019
Shar and Heidi talk about how rude comments and judgments about weight can cause body dissatisfaction, which has NOTHING to do with a person’s actual weight, but on how we feel we are seen.
S2 E7: To Eat Or Not To Eat: Intuitive Eating, Part 3
Nov 1, 2019
Heidi and Shar wrap up the last two principles of Intuitive Eating: Exercise - Feel The Difference and Honor Your Health.
S2 E6: To Eat Or Not To Eat: Intuitive Eating, Part 2
Oct 18, 2019
Shar and Heidi delve into four more principles of Intuitive Eating: “Challenge The Food Police”, “Feel Your Fullness”, “Discover The Satisfaction Factor” and “Respect Your Body”.
S2 E5: To Eat Or Not To Eat: Intuitive Eating, Part I
Oct 11, 2019
Heidi and Shar discuss the principles from a book called Intuitive Eating.
S2 E4: Honor The Girls: Bra Fittings & Breast Cancer Awareness
Oct 4, 2019
Shar and Heidi start the show talking about the importance of finding a good bra and embracing what your mama gave you. After the break they talk about breast cancer awareness, yearly breast exams and mammograms.
S2 E3: So Where Do I Put Those Feelings – Emotional Eating
Sep 27, 2019
Heidi and Shar talk about emotional eating and what it looks like.
S2 E2: Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover – Surviving Trauma
Sep 20, 2019
Shar and Heidi talk about childhood trauma and how it can lead to a myriad of addictions, including food addiction.
S2 E1: Let’s Get Physical: Embracing Exercise
Sep 13, 2019
Heidi and Shar talk about the importance of moving your body in the right head space - it’s not about losing weight or burning off that delicious pizza - but finding movement you actually enjoy.
S1 E14: Season 1 Wrap Up – Question and Answer
Aug 30, 2019
Heidi and Shar wrap up Season One with a Q & A.
S1 E13: The Head Bone’s Connected To Every Other Dang Bone In The Body
Aug 23, 2019
Shar and Heidi talk about why it’s necessary to break old cycles and rewire our brain to let go of negative thoughts and self-judgment.
S1 E12: Let’s Get To The Heart Of The Matter: Those Aren’t Eggshells, Those Are My Boundaries
Aug 16, 2019
Heidi and Shar delve deeper into why body image is an important conversation to be having.
S1 E11: Get Out of My Head: Mind Your Beeswax
Aug 9, 2019
Shar and Heidi discuss the importance of choosing food that is right for YOUR body.
S1 E10: Fashion Puh-Leeze: The Fallacies of Fashion
Aug 2, 2019
Heidi and Shar talk about the “fashion no-no’s” that we put on ourselves and the importance of breaking out of that thought pattern so we feel good about our bodies and the way we dress them.
S1 E9: Real Men Come From Real Women: Raising Boys
Jul 26, 2019
Shar and Heidi discuss the difficulties boys face with body image and the pressure they can feel to appear masculine or strong. After the break they are joined by Heidi’s husband, Jason Gonzalez, as he shares his own views on male body image.
S1 E8: A Moment on the Lips, a Lifetime on the Hips: How We Punish Ourselves with Food and Exercise
Jul 19, 2019
Heidi and Shar talk about the relationship they have with food and exercise.
S1 E7: An Apple a Day: The Weighty Health Care Dilemma
Jul 12, 2019
Shar and Heidi have an interesting chat about the weighty issue of health care, with Masters in Public Health nutrition student and dietetic intern Ani Janzen.
S1 E6: I’m Sorry I Can’t: Limiting Ourselves
Jun 28, 2019
This week Heidi and Shar talk about how they can sometimes limit themselves and why it’s important to step out of your comfort zone.
S1 E5: Why You Gotta Be So Rude?
Jun 20, 2019
Shar and Heidi discuss the misconceptions that people have about being overweight and the difficulty they face fitting in.
S1 E4: Like Mother Like Daughter: Raising Girls
Jun 14, 2019
Heidi and Shar talk about the pressures parents face in raising girls with a healthy body image.
S1 E3: Control Freaks: Battling Perfectionism
Jun 6, 2019
Shar and Heidi talk about perfectionism being born out of a controlled upbringing.
S1 E2: Family Puts the FUN in Dysfunctional
May 30, 2019
Heidi and Shar talk about the roles mothers play in their daughters’ body image. Guest speaker Marilyn (Shar’s mom) talks about the pressures she faced growing up.
S1 E1: Eat the D@#n Cupcake!
May 24, 2019
Shar and Heidi talk about their own struggles with body image and the impact it has had from a young age.