The Slowdown

The Slowdown
Busyness isn’t real, so let’s slow down. Life doesn’t have to be hectic and overwhelming. I’m Adam, a husband and father if 5. I’m growing 2 companies, 4 podcasts, and 1 blog, and I’m not busy! This podcast is about my journey into a peaceful and meaningful way of living without feeling busy and overwhelmed all the time. I’ll also talk about productivty and leadership within the context of being less busy.

Mean People are Trees
Sep 12 • 1 min
My kid taught me that mean people are list withering trees. Best avoided and stuck in their place.
A fresh start to slow down
Aug 8 • 1 min
Getting a fresh start is an amazing way to slow down and reassess priorities.
Mobile Freedom
Jul 23 • 1 min
Setting myself up for mobility gives me a freedom to work and to move and enjoy the spaces that I find myself in. It allows me to get work done but it also allows me to slow down.
The best 2-minutes rules to get things done and slow down
Jun 26 • 2 min
These are my favorite two-minute rules for getting things done and slowing down.
Networking makes life better
Jun 18 • 1 min
We build networks every day as we make connections with the people around us. What we sometimes fail to realize is the value of those networks and how much quality they bring to our lives.
Embrace the suck
Jun 15 • 2 min
Sometimes we have to do things that suck. Rather than avoiding them, or seek to lessen the suck, we should embrace it. Embracing the suck helps us to conquer it, moving past it and toward our goals.
Do more by doing less
Jun 12 • 1 min
How many of your meetings and tasks last week really moved you toward your goals? It’s time to slow down, do less, and get more done.
Let’s rethink our defaults to slow down
Jun 9 • 1 min
When was the last time that you thought about your defaults? Do you automatically schedule meetings for one hour? Do you automatically say yes when you shouldn’t? Do you go to lunches, groups, or other meetings that really aren’t helpful for you? Taking…
Busyness isn’t real
May 29 • 1 min
When you were in grade school did you feel busy? How about in middle school, high school or college? Were your busy when single? How about when in a relationship? Were you busy when you had no kids? One kid? Two kids? Busyness fills up the space in our…
How to slow down and start the summer right.
May 24 • 0 min
It’s Friday afternoon on the first weekend of summer break. What am I doing? Planning! I’m planning next week so I can slow down this weekend and really enjoy my time!
Waking up early as a way to slow down
May 23 • 1 min
I get up at 5am to slow down. It’s my time to be me for me, not the me other people need. It’s my time to care for myself and proactively prepare for my day. It’s my slow down.