How to be an Artist

How to be an Artist
Making art should be easy. But let’s be honest: Art is messy. (Heck, life is messy!) Together with me, Caylee Grey, we’ll explore what it REALLY means to be an artist. Practically. Warts and all. So that you can be an artist, today, now, even if you work a day job, have a million and one commitments, and own a cat that likes sitting on your art. No more excuses. Okay? Okay.

to maintain a creative habit with Anika Lacerte
Sep 20 • 50 min
If you want to be an artist, if you want to create a lot of work and for it to be a part of your life - you do need a creative habit. It doesn’t need to be an hour every day. In this podcast, I chat to Anika Lacerte about creative habit. As someone who is…
Inspiration is not real
Aug 8 • 8 min
Inspiration does not exist. It’s a lie. Inspiration is not real. True inspiration is the kind that leads to immediate action. Inspiration that leads to nothing tangible is… nothing. There’s something tangible standing between an idea and something being…
to create art with a purpose beyond yourself with Morgan Harper Nichols
Jul 18 • 46 min
In this episode of the podcast, I was awed by Morgan Harper Nichols. Yup, that’s right. The Morgan Harper Nichols. MHN and I talk about how selflessness is important to her artistic process. How she finds purpose in her art by creating beyond herself. As…
I went from lazy and passive to deliberate and goal driven
May 30 • 15 min
I used to be what I will graciously call passive. I had (and have) a really good life. I was born into a self-made wealthy family. Every bit of my life (and the lives of my ancestors) was put together so that I could live an easy life. My parents did this…
to be an Artist
May 23 • 1 min
Making art should be easy. Turn up the music, select your arty weapons of choice, crack your knuckles and then, well, make art. But let’s be honest: Art is messy. (Heck, life is messy!) So even though it’s so important to you to be an artist and create…