The Ascent Podcast

The Ascent Podcast
Conversations with lead pastor Trent Stewart covering relevant topics and messages taking place at Foothills Church. A Foothills Church resource and production. For more information about Foothills Church visit

Freedom in Forgiveness
Nov 27 • 17 min
We close out Season 1 of The Ascent Podcast by exploring the freedom found in a lifestyle of forgiveness. Lead pastor of Foothills Church helps us to navigate the transformative act of forgiving others as followers of Jesus.
The Fight For Peace
Nov 13 • 17 min
We live in a society marked by a pursuit of happiness, status and secuity. But what if what we are truly searching for is a sense ofpeace. But how do we find peace? Today we sat down with lead pastor of Foothills Church Trent Stewart to explore the …
Worship That Changes The World
Oct 30 • 21 min
Today, in a culture that is more hyperconnected than ever before, our response, our attitudes and our ability to stand out, as Christians has a powerful opportunity to allow our worship influence those around us. But what does that look like? We sat down…
How to Influence Culture
Oct 16 • 23 min
In a time of seemingly unparalleled polarization, the need to influence culture has never been greater. So, how do we move from a place of enduring culture to a place of influence?
Beginning With The End in Mind
Oct 2 • 19 min
For so many areas of our life, beginning with the end in mind can be a transformative concept. It’s a shift in perspective that can actually impact in a very real way the way in which we live our daily lives. So, what would it look like if we took t…
How to Date as a Christian
Sep 18 • 21 min
What does it mean, and what does it look like, to date as a follower of Jesus? We sat down to discuss how culture influenced the concept of dating, and how Christians can lay a biblical foundation to their relationship.
Forever Means Forever
Sep 4 • 21 min
We begin a new series by taking a look at what it means to find joy and purpose in marriage.
Real Friends Experience Life Together
Aug 21 • 24 min
We take a look back at the Real Friends series by exploring what it truly means to live in and experience life in authentic community.
Judging With Right Judgement
Aug 14 • 17 min
We take another look back at our summer series, Life on the Mountain in this bonus episode of The Ascent Podcast. What does Jesus actually say about judging others? How are we called to judge one another as Christians. Pastor Trent revisits this pas…
Why We Need Community
Aug 6 • 20 min
We live in the most connected time in human history. Yet, research shows loneliness is a rising public health epidemic. Perhaps now, more than ever before, we need to understand that we were created and designed to experience life in true, authentic…
The Problem With Materialism
Aug 1 • 21 min
We take a look back at one of the most popular messages from the Life on the Mountain series in this bonus episode of The Ascent Podcast. How does materialism affect our relationships with one another, our families and ultimately with Christ?
Which Gate Will You Choose?
Jul 24 • 18 min
We close out the Life on the Mountain series by diving deeper into one of the most familiar passages of scripture. The summit of the Sermon on the Mountain features both one of the most recognizable, and one of the most rejected statements Jesus mad…
The Power of Forgiveness
Jul 10 • 14 min
What does Jesus have to say about anger, forgiveness and seeking reconciliation? We all experience anger, but there is power in the demonstration of the Gospel by seeking forgiveness and actively looking for opportunities to reconcile. We discuss al…
The Battle Against Lust
Jun 26 • 19 min
What does Jesus have to say about lust? How do we apply his teaching in an era defined by unprecedented access to explicit material in today’s digital landscape? And how does the church confront this issue? We discuss all of that and more in this ep…
This Changes Everything
Jun 12 • 20 min
We continue the Life on the Mountain series by taking a look at one of the most transformative statements of the Sermon on the Mount - one that changes everything.
Are You Connected to God?
May 29 • 16 min
Today, we’re asking the question, are you truly connected to God and if so, what does that life look like?