The Property Pod

The Property Pod
A look into the Hobart market place with real estate agents Patrick Berry and John McGregor.

How do you choose an Agent to work with?
Nov 20 • 37 min
Real Estate Portals- Where to find Properties online? (With Paul O’Loughlin of
Nov 13 • 30 min
This week the boys sit down with Paul O’loughlin, of, to talk about where the majority of people will now go to find out about buying or selling their property- The Internet! Listen as the boys discover about the past, present and future…
Scratching an Itch - Apps to help you in the Real Estate Space
Nov 6 • 27 min
The boys debrief on Johns sharp new attire; Aaron & Pats visit to the ‘facebook Community Boost’ Conference last week & John has a good story about the worlds best Whistler. Then Pat passes on some of the best industry apps that can help people searching…
Kickin’ it with The Mercury’s Jarrad Bevan
Oct 31 • 29 min
This week the boys turn the tables from interviewees to interviewers; Jarrad Bevan, Journalist from The Mercury, joins the boys at the desk to discuss his journey through the media and into the Real Estate space.
The Article Show
Oct 23 • 27 min
Putting it to the People
Oct 16 • 26 min
John is away; but Pat and Aaron are on the mics today. They break down there visit to the REIT awards over the weekend; where they were nominated for an innovation award…Congratulations to all those who won; what a wonderful night it was. VR your plans…
Delivering the goods… From Uber Eats to a Light Rail system
Oct 9 • 37 min
Aaron, John & pat discuss deal breakers that could stop Millennials from getting their dream home; and then we break down some of the key takeaways for the Hobart City Deal Implementation plan released on the 3rd Oct 2019. Episode: EP27 Show Title: |…
Smart Homes- Stepping into the future of houses
Oct 3 • 37 min
Pat gets a chance to chat all things tech this week as we deep dive into Smart homes- How they are implemented in modern ,and retrofitted into not so modern, homes. Episode: EP26 Show Title: | Smart Homes- Stepping into the future of houses Cast: | Aaron…
Can I Trade my Super Nintendo for a house?
Sep 26 • 34 min
Aaron wants to know if it is possible to buy a home by trading someone his Super Nintendo… he also wants to understand the process of making an offer on a home? Join him and the resident experts on the Pod, Patrick and John, as they delve deeper into the…
Mac’s Mailbag
Sep 19 • 35 min
Pat is away and the other boys will play…. John and Aaron go through some listeners correspondence and answer a few burning questions that have been asked of The Property Pod.
Shifting your Property With Adam Luttrell of Shift Property Styling
Sep 11 • 34 min
The boys are joined today by Adam Luttrell of Shift Property Styling (@shiftstyling) to discuss preparing a property for sale; How to create an emotional connection with potential buyers and how to get the best return on your investment into property…
Seven City Deals (with Simon Pressley of Propertyology)
Sep 5 • 26 min
The boys are rejoined by friend of the podcast, Simon Pressley of Propertyology, and discuss some city deals that are bringing big bucks to some of the regional cities around Australia.
Title Insurance… What is it? and Why you may need it? with PAUL WATKINS
Aug 29 • 36 min
Aaron, John & Pat discuss the little known topic of Title Insurance with Paul Watkins, of Stewart Title. Something that the boys knew very little about before their discussion, but were illuminated to whilst talking with Paul.
Bond…. Property Bond
Aug 22 • 35 min
The Mission to discuss Property Bonds was too much for our not so secret agents…. they needed to once again turn to the ever-reliable (and first-time returnee guest), Julie McGregor Aka Johns Mum (aka JuliePenny) to establish the best plan of attack when…
Property Management & Tips on Gaining a Rental Property- with Julie McGregor
Aug 15 • 34 min
Today the boys are joined by Real Estate Royalty (& John’s Mum), Julie McGregor, to discuss another side of Real Estate- Rentals and all things Property Management. Since 1996 Julie has been one of the most sort after industry consultants that not only…
Inman, iBuy & How millennials are shaping our industry
Aug 8 • 32 min
Now that the JetLag has worn off, Pat breaks down his key takeaways from his week at InMan Connect in Las Vegas. Pat discusses the future of the industry- iBuyers, millennials & Immersive Marketing.
Jul 30 • 49 min
Pat is back from Vegas, and we have our first follow up or sequel episode…. THE MARKETING STRIKES BACK The boys break down the areas of marketing they believe to be key in selling or buying homes. They discuss candidly the ins and outs of putting together…
Property Pod Mini Ep: Peter Schravemade of Box Brownie (Recorded Live at InMan Connect 2019)
Jul 28 • 10 min
Pat has taken the recorder with him to Inman Connect in Las Vegas & is grabbing some one-on-one chats with industry professionals. Pat catches up with another Australian over in Las Vegas, Peter Schravemade (@schravemade) of Box Brownie. In this…
VEGAS BABY (Inman Connect)
Jul 25 • 39 min
Aaron and John record this weeks Pod in the studio; whilst Pat phones in from Viva Las Vegas to discuss all things InMan Connect. Listen as the shackles come off and John & Aaron surprisingly stay on topic for a good 70% of the episode, discussing Off…
Property Pod Mini-Ep: Kylie Davis of HomePrezzo (Recorded Live @ Inman Connect)
Jul 24 • 10 min
Pat has taken the recorder with him to Inman Connect in Las Vegas & is grabbing some one-on-one chats with industry professionals. In this quick chat, Pat catches up with fellow Australian, Kylie Davis (@KDavisreconnect) of HomePrezzo, and discusses data…
Property Pod Mini-Ep: Infinity Pod with Ben Morse (Recorded at Inman Connect Las Vegas)
Jul 23 • 13 min
Pat has taken the recorder with him to Inman Connect in Las Vegas & is grabbing some one-on-one chats with industry professionals. In this quick chat, Pat discusses Social Media and what platforms vendors should be using with Benjamin Morse (@BenJMorse),…
The Cost of Advertising
Jul 17 • 30 min
Today Pat & John discuss their thoughts on & further explain the importance of marketing your property for sale and the potential cost of not doing it. What is a marketing budget and why is it different to commission What makes up an advertising spend…
A Crystal Ball into your investing Future - With Propertyology’s Simon Pressley
Jul 10 • 31 min
The Property Pod team is joined by Simon Pressley (@SimonPressley) Market Analyst, Buyers Agent & Accredited Advisor, from Propertyology. Simon goes through his investments strategies and discusses the importance of having an open mind when it comes to…
Selling Types & Understanding the Advertising Price
Jul 3 • 36 min
Episode 10 is in the can; the Property Pod has hit double digits. The boys discuss the difference between the Auction process and Private Treaty; John goes on to detail how this works and the origin of Auctioneering. The boys then go over the various…
Financing Millennials- Discussion with Andrew Leggett of RAMS Tasmania
Jul 1 • 33 min
Financing Millennials- Discussion with Andrew Leggett of RAMS Tasmania. Andrew Leggett, RAMS Tasmania Principal, steps into the studio to discuss gaining finance as a Millenial; all the things you’ll need and all the things that can help or hinder your…
Hobart housing in 2019
Jun 26 • 34 min
In this weeks edition of the Property Pod Patrick, John and Aaron take a quick look back at Hobart and recent real estate related news. then take a deep dive into the world of building your own home
Jumping into Investing - With guest Blake Smedley
Jun 20 • 41 min
The boys discuss their new found fame as Mercury Featured Podcasters; listen as the fame goes to their head and Pat plays low key famous in his robe, crown and Gold Chalice of Coffee. Then as things get a little more serious they deep dive into an…
The Rise of the Robot Within the Real Estate Industry- With Sarah Bell of AIRE
Jun 12 • 33 min
This week the boys discuss the present day, and future implications, on Artifical Intelligence within the Real Estate Industry. The boys’ deep dive into the topic with special guest, Sarah Bell of AIRE (
What happens when your rental is being sold
Jun 5 • 26 min
This week the boys discuss What is involved when selling a property you currently have rented out…or if your landlord is selling the place you live in. Pat and John discuss the ins and outs of selling and property with a Tennant in place. AND A brief…
Upbeat Sales Market & Hobart’s Rental Crisis
May 30 • 31 min
A double dose of The Property Pod this week. Today the guys discuss the Mini Housing Boom that seems to be present Post-Federal Election, and Gumtree Ads for Hallways to be rented as bedrooms.
Marketing your Property- What is Essential when it comes to Real Estate Photography in the Modern Market?
May 29 • 35 min
Aaron, John & Pat discuss the Hobart and Tasmanian Real Estate Market. This week they focus on: * APRA Assessment rate for home loans. * ‘Rent-vesting’ * DEEP DIVE- Marketing Materials & Property Photography
What does 2019 hold for the Tasmanian marketplace?
May 22 • 27 min
In episode two Aaron, John and Patrick welcome Jason Swinton from in to talk about how the Tasmanian marketplace is travelling and what the forecast looks like for the rest of 2019
The 2019 Federal Election, and what it means for FHB’s
May 15 • 30 min
Welcome to The Property Pod! An accessible and easy to follow podcast developed to help those with an interest in getting into the property market understand the ins and outs of the industry, Join Aaron, John & Pat as they discuss the Hobart and Tasmanian…