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Tech Jr
A Tech podcast by Juniors Devs, for Junior Devs!

Recruiter Mike Torres shares Job-Search Strategies and Secrets
Aug 21 • 80 min
Ever wondered what recruiters do or how they operate? We did. Mike Torres wants to transition to a developer career and was willing to take us behind the curtain of the recruiting world!
Let’s Explain Programming Jargon
Aug 14 • 60 min
One of the hardest parts of programming is learning the basics. What are variables, functions, and recursion? Lee and Eddie attempt to tackle the basics in a way anyone can understand.
Chris Biscardi introduces Gatsby Themes
Aug 7 • 71 min
Chris Biscardi joins us this week to talk about Gatsby Themes, MDX, consulting, why companies should hire juniors, and Rocket League
Aisha Blake talks juniors, conferences, and diversity in the tech industry
Jul 31 • 84 min
Aisha Blake joins us this week to explain how she ended up speaking at 14 conferences this past year as a junior developer, as well as starting a few of her own.
Travis Neilson talks UX/UI and the Design Process
Jul 24 • 117 min
What is UX/UI? Is there a pseudo-code process for design? Google Search Designer Travis Neilson joins us to answer these questions and more!
Our Typical Developer Workdays
Jul 17 • 57 min
Have you ever wondered what the day-to-day is like for a developer? Lee and Eddie talk about what they do daily and what it’s like to actually work as a Junior Developer.
Getting into Gatsby with Amberley Romo
Jul 10 • 86 min
Gatsby Team Member Amberley Romo joins us to tell her story and explain why you should try Gatsby! We also talk about the need for diversity in tech, and the struggles of being a Junior Developer
Hacking the Job Search with Vincent Tang
Jul 3 • 58 min
Have you ever wondered how LinkedIn or Indeed work? Vincent Tang has done the research and joins us on the show to share his findings on how to raise your visibility when looking for a job!
How to learn Java with Michael Kimball, The Code Operative
Jun 26 • 65 min
We’re Oscar Mike with The Code Operative! Michael Kimball is a backend developer with his own YouTube channel dedicated to teaching Java, and this week he answers our questions about the language and how to get started.
Roy Jossfolk talks Freelancing for Junior Devs
Jun 19 • 81 min
Freelance Web Developer Roy Jossfolk joins us to share his strategies for freelancing and common pitfalls to avoid when getting started.
Career Coach Chad Bostick on Getting Hired as a Junior Developer
Jun 12 • 68 min
Developer Career Coach Chad Bostick joins us to talk about how to get hired as a junior dev with no experience, resume tips, salary negotiations, and more!
On Music and Development
Jun 6 • 55 min
Lee and Eddie discuss similarities between musicians and developers, and how the journey of learning music maps to that of a budding developer.
Dev Interview: Scott Tolinski
May 29 • 87 min
Special guest Scott Tolinski of Level Up Tutorials and the Syntax podcast joins us to talk about his journey, business, and to answer all of your listener submitted questions!
Dealing with Impostor Syndrome
May 8 • 60 min
Lee and Eddie talk about their run-ins with impostor syndrome and give advice on how to short-circuit those feelings when they surface.
Apr 22 • 44 min
In this episode, we talk about jQuery! Should you learn it or should we pronouce jQuery and let it rest in peace?
Should you do a Coding Bootcamp?
Apr 15 • 91 min
In this Episode, Lee and Eddie talk about their experiences in a coding Bootcamp. Was it worth it? Do bootcamps deserve the ire of the tech industry?
Pilot Episode
Apr 8 • 40 min
In this first episode, we introduce the show and ourselves