Capital M

Capital M
Introducing “Capital M”, A Podcast Addressing Capital Markets in Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic.Raising equity capital has been described as one of the biggest challenges for early and mid stage companies in the Mid-Atlantic. With the launch of the Cap

Why Maryland? The Potential to be the Health IT Capital with Kristen Valdes
Jul 15 • 29 min
Marty Rosendale and Kristen Valdes, CEO of b.well Connected Health, discuss the innovative ecosystem in Baltimore, Maryland, and how to raise capital for health IT companies.
The Buzz About Leadership with Paragon Bioservice’s CEO, Pete Buzy
May 22 • 24 min
Marty Rosendale and Pete Buzy, CEO of Paragon BioServices, discuss the importance of leadership in empowering companies to prepare for the capital markets.
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Getting Ready for the Capital Markets with Tony Cord
May 22 • 35 min
Marty Rosendale and Tony Cord, partner with Newport and advisor to CEOs, discuss what it really means to be ready for the capital markets.
Who. What. When. Where. Why. Introducing Capital M
May 22 • 17 min
Money Markets in Maryland. Introducing Capital M, a podcast created by the Maryland Tech Council (MTC), hosted by CEO, Marty Rosendale.
Every “No” is One Step Closer to a “Yes” with Tien Wong
May 22 • 28 min
Marty Rosendale sits down with Tien Wong, a serial entrepreneur, private investor, and founder of Big Idea CONNECTpreneur, a quarterly event that brings together entrepreneurs, business leaders, and investors.
Help Save Patients’ Lives with Brad Stewart
May 22 • 28 min
Marty Rosendale and Brad Stewart, a CEO and advisor to entrepreneurs, address why some companies are successful in raising capital and why others are not.