Microsoft in Business Podcast

Microsoft in Business Podcast
The Microsoft in Business Podcast features speakers and industry professionals from across the company sharing their insights. Learn how Microsoft is empowering businesses and individuals to achieve more.

Implementing the CCPA
Nov 7 • 54 min
Njeri Mutura, Dominique Shelton Leipzig (with Perkinscolie), and Raman Kalyan share insights on how your business can leverage the efforts of GDPR transformations for the CCPA. Tune in to this podcast to learn more. For more podcasts, subscribe to…
Connection: how social media is changing the game, Learning from Leaders, Episode 8
Oct 2 • 5 min
In Episode 8 of Learning from Leaders, Microsoft’s thought leadership video series, host Katie Martell talks with Katrina Munsell, US Digital Lead and head of the Microsoft Customer Experience Center, about the clear pillars that aren’t going away: being…
Learning from Leaders with Jia Hyun
Sep 17 • 5 min
Katie Martell chats with Hyun about how LinkedIn’s platform is like a cocktail party, with the role of brands being that of host. LinkedIn sees its job as offering up great conversations to the people—LinkedIn’s members—at the party. The platform’s role…
Learning from Leaders with Tom Duffy
Sep 5 • 5 min
“Disrupt or be disrupted,” says KPMG finance industry COO, Learning from Leaders, Episode 6. Disruption isn’t an idea the industry takes lightly. But for Tom Duffy, COO of KPMG’s Global Audit Practice, getting ahead of the digital curve has allowed him to…
Learning from Leaders with Nick Ragone
Sep 2 • 4 min
Join us for Learning from Leaders to learn more about storytelling, brand and modern marketing. To learn more about marketing, visit
Learning from Leaders with Andrea Elkin
Aug 21 • 5 min
In this episode of the Learning from Leaders video series, hosted by Katie Martell and Dennis Williams, Andrea Elkin, Vice President, Enterprise Learning, ADP shares her thoughts on delivering a modern client experience for those she services.
Learning from Leaders with Yvette White
Aug 1 • 5 min
Does your company cultivate a positive culture that coaches its leaders? Learn tips on how to navigate from an HR perspective when @KatieMartell sits down with Yvette White, General Manager of Human Resources at Microsoft US.
Learning from Leaders with Valerie Beaulieu
Jul 30 • 5 min
Valerie Beaulieu, Chief Marketing Officer of Microsoft US shares her experience and insights on modern marketing and the importance of the customer experience.
Discover the Promise of IoT for Small and Medium Enterprises
Jun 21 • 60 min
Previously recorded webinar on how IoT is enabling a digital era and how small and medium size enterprises can benefit from this shift.
A Fireside Chat on Financial Services with Joe Dunleavy
Jun 19 • 25 min
Fireside chat with Joe Dunleavy, learning how Pramerica uses AI in financial services and how other businesses may benefit.
Learn how IoT is Transforming Manufacturing of the Future
Jun 17 • 54 min
Neil Meldrum, Director of Business and Strategy Manufacturing Group at Microsoft, presents on what the future of information technology within the manufacturing space will look like. Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast for more episodes on Microsoft…
The Key to Transformation is Your Field Service Workforce
Jun 13 • 44 min
Discussions on the Trifecta of Manufacture Resources, ways of transforming your field service workforce, discussing the needs of the workforce and more including Microsoft’s new Remote Assist.
Microsoft Surface in Education
May 21 • 18 min
Surface laptops empower students and teachers in their work. Erin Minich & Christie Boening from Microsoft walk through the various products available today and how they are best used.