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The Confident Live Marketing Show with Ian Anderson Gray

How to Get a Podcast from Your Live Videos
Nov 8 • 45 min
We’ve talked a lot about live video on this show. We’ve talked a lot about audio ( ( is a web app that helps anyone to make a podcast really easily, by polishing, branding & publishing your show. What is the Confident Live…
Live Video Tool Showcase: StreamYard
Nov 1 • 35 min
It’s time for another Live Video Tool Showcase. I interviewed the founders of Ecamm Live last month, and I’m really excited to have the co-founder of (
How to Use Live Video to Create FOMO
Oct 25 • 34 min
I just can’t wait to have my good friend May King Tsang ( on the show to talk about how you can use video and live video to make…
How to Repurpose Your Live Videos to Explode Your Business
Oct 18 • 46 min
So, you’ve gone live and you’ve pressed that end broadcast button. Congratulations. But that’s not the end of it. It’s time to get involved in the comments and post-promote your live video content. That’s the 4th P (after planning, pre-promotion and…
How to Break Through Resistance with Live Video
Oct 11 • 29 min
Do you get resistance when you create content? Do you find yourself doing ANYTHING else other than what you are supposed to do? Resistance is the invisible force we encounter when creating content, launching something new in our business, starting a diet…
Live Video for Introverts
Oct 4 • 41 min
One of the excuses I hear from people struggling to go live is that they are introverts. Do introverts find going live on camera harder than extroverts? Or is that really not the issue? Hint: It’s not really the issue! But, why? In this show, I’ll share…
How to Make Your Live Videos Sound Awesome
Sep 27 • 52 min
With live video, it’s easy to become totally focussed on the video quality. But what about the audio quality? I think audio is even more important than video. People can forgive a less than perfect video quality if they can hear you well. But if the audio…
Live Video Tool Showcase: Ecamm Live
Sep 20 • 45 min
I’m excited to do my first live video tool showcase. I covered lots of live video tools in episode 4 which was all about how to choose the best live video tool. But in this show, I interviewed the founders of one of my favourite live video tools - Ecamm…
How to Broadcast to LinkedIn Live with Confidence
Sep 13 • 32 min
I’m back from Content Marketing World and the Tribes Conference in the US. In today’s live show, I’ll be talking about LinkedIn Live. Why you should use it and.. why you shouldn’t use it! How you apply for LinkedIn Live… What’s good and what isn’t and…
Live Video Journey with Alison Teare
Sep 6 • 40 min
I’m so happy to welcome (
Live Video Journey with Adam King
Aug 30 • 41 min
I’m so happy to welcome (
How to Overcome the Fear of Live Video with Adelaide Goodeve
Aug 23 • 39 min
I’m excited to welcome (
Live Video Journey with Nicole Osborne
Aug 16 • 39 min
In this episode, I’m really excited to be joined by my friend - the wonderful (
How to Create a Content Plan for Your Live Videos
Aug 9 • 36 min
In today’s episode, I’m excited to have my friend (
How to Stop Your Inner Critic from Running Your Live Streams with Clare Josa
Aug 2 • 49 min
You are just about to press that Go Live button, but that negative voice at the back of your head starts speaking… “No one is interested in what you have to say” “No one is going to watch you” “You’re not an expert, others out there know so much more than…
The Power of One Framework with Kelly Baader
Jul 26 • 36 min
It’s time to have my fab friend, Kelly Baader ( on the show. I can’t wait for her to share her Power of One Framework with you. It’s all about… #1 Outcome you can provide to your #1 Client with your #1 Solution or offer by the #1…
Live Video Tips with Jeff Sieh
Jul 19 • 41 min
Live Video Tips with Jeff Sieh Show notes: Yippee! It’s time for my first guest on the Confident Live Marketing Show. My great friend, Tailwind…
How to Create Your Live Video Checklist
Jul 12 • 21 min
✅CREATING YOUR LIVE VIDEO CHECKLIST✅ One thing that I am asked about A LOT is what they need to do before they go live. Oh, and during and after their live video broadcasts. Things can happen. Things will go wrong. It can be stressful and can knock your…
Top Live Video Questions
Jul 5 • 26 min
I’ve just come back from BYALive ( Event in London. I was speaking about How to NOT look like an Idiot on Live Video. One of the best bits of the conference were the table talks when…
The 5 Ps of Live Video Content
Jun 28 • 40 min
THE 5 Ps OF LIVE VIDEO You’re feeling more confident. You’ve got the tech sorted. What now? Well, how do you plan, promote and produce your live videos? What on earth do you say? In this show, I share the 5 Ps of Live Video which are… - Plan -…
Top Tools for your Live Video Toolbox
Jun 21 • 44 min
Last week we covered the top live video streaming tools. But what other tools do you need in your live video toolbox? In this episode, I’ll cover tools to check test your internet speed, optimize your speed, video editing, social media management tools,…
How to Choose the Perfect Live Video Tool
Jun 14 • 36 min
So, you can broadcast to Facebook Live or Youtube Live from your phone. But if you want to take things to the next level, you’ll need to use a live streaming video tool for your computer or smartphone. Or maybe use some other gear? In this episode, I’ll…
How to Warm-Up Your Voice & Communicate with Confidence
Jun 7 • 35 min
When you broadcast live, or on a podcast recording, do you ever think about warming up your voice? How about your posture or relaxing your body? I think your vocal confidence and posture are vital for communicating with confidence. In today’s show, I’ll…
Getting Started with Live Video
May 31 • 40 min
So, how do you get started with live video? What do you actually need? Do you need a state-of-the-art live video worth tens of thousands of dollars? Or can you start simply? In this episode of the Confident Live Marketing podcast, Ian goes through what…
The Pilot: Why this Podcast Almost Never Happened
May 21 • 24 min
So, this is episode zero. The pilot. Which is kind of episode 1, except I’m calling it episode 2. Confused? So am I! In this episode, I’m going into more detail of what this podcast is all about. It’s a regular live video show and podcast and aimed at…
The Trailer
May 21 • 1 min
It’s finally here - after years of procrastination, twiddling of thumbs and avoiding the inevitable, the Confident Live Marketing Podcast has arrived. In this short trailer, Ian and his wife, Helen, share what it’s all about. Be sure to subscribe to get…