Church Mouse Chronicles

Church Mouse Chronicles
Join two little church mice M and B as they discuss life topics and events from their unique little creature point of view. They are two Orthodox Christians from Belgrade Serbia, so they share a Christian perspective. They love to have fun conversations and publish them on Mondays! And eat cookies. And cake. Also cheese. No fish please. Ok, some fish. But no hake!

Ban Ban Banana
Jun 24 • 45 min
Some people like wielding power, and B is no stranger to banning people, whether it’s forums or Youtube channels. M opts for a different kind of approach - where does one draw the line at reporting people on Twitter? We also discuss Facebook dying out and…
Gotta Have Friends and All That
Jun 17 • 37 min
Having friends is awesome, really. Even when it’s just an online relationship. But don’t be that boring friend. Also call your friends. But don’t idolize them. Also don’t have expectations. Have time for them. But not too much time. Comments…
Lie Lie Lie
Jun 10 • 43 min
Lies hurt people, but sometimes they are SUPER FUN! And sometimes we call people who lie and tell tales “barons” and we are pretty sure you do not know why :D Comments Links Here are links to some of the…
Overweight People Are Not Fat!
Jun 3 • 42 min
Our church mice lament over the good old days when they were thin and (thought they were) good-looking. No seriously, they were! We also discover that B goes to the gym, not only church and that M did not read the entire Old Testament. Now that’s…
There’s Nothing More Cold Than Charity
May 27 • 44 min
In our first episode M talked about a negative experience with giving money to a homeless person, who ended up being a serious drunk. It was terrible! But there are many fun experiences with giving and charity B & M wanted to share, as well as a couple of…
On Notre Dame and Other Fires
May 20 • 48 min
Mouse B and mouse M in the FIRST EVER episode of the Church Mouse Chronicles podcast discuss the Notre Dame fire and related topics from their perspective… or something like that… It’s a mess. But funny. Comments…