Marbella Hybrid

Marbella Hybrid
As a light worker and starseed I am contributing to the consciousness shift that is happening on earth right now. I am making a shift for the planet by being myself and sharing my experiences. This podcast will remind you of your magical nature and empower you to shine your brightest light!

2 Reasons You Want To Connect With Nature
Jul 10 • 8 min
Understanding the importance of trusting your intuition and doing shadow work! Here is a free tool for you to get more comfortable getting out of the body and expanding the scope of your consciousness. A Free Guided Meditation Using Portals! Blessed be…
Psychic Meditation To Cleanse Your Energy
Jun 19 • 21 min
This episode will guide you through the Tree Of Life Meditation. Popular meditation from my Clairvoyant Workshop! Blessed be! More resources go to this link…
Learn about the Multidimensional Lifestyle
Jun 6 • 24 min
This podcast is a great resource if you are wanting a change in mindset. One tip I mention is developing a meditative practice! Here is an article on how you can learn to do finger counting meditation. We touched on… +5D thinking: Love over fear!…
Confessions of an Alien Hybrid-Empath, Portal Walker, Telepath, and Connection to All
Jun 2 • 25 min
Ebook right here—- I read four chapters of what its like to be an empath, portal walker, telepath, and connected to all. You will hear never before released content of this ebook. There are 8 Chapters in 21 pages of…
Relaxation Hypnosis
May 28 • 18 min
Enjoy this Hypnosis session for relaxation. I take you down the 4 levels of deep relaxation, and we get in touch with some inner peace by the beach. This will not only relax you, but also ensure that you get some deep rested sleep for the night. I should…
Surrendering to the Universe
May 27 • 9 min
Surrendering to the Universe: this podcast is a blog post being read in a unique accent. I give a multidimensional perspective on how you can change your life by embracing the surrender energy. For more information go to my website at…
My Healing Techniques to Raise your Vibration, End Karma, and Clean Out Energy from the Body!
May 23 • 20 min
The Three Healing Techniques I Use On Myself And Others. Light Language, Timeline Repair, and Chakra Cleanse. If you are interested in learning how to do these, you can schedule a healing session with me at…
Healing Genetic Family Line Trauma
May 19 • 6 min
Learning About How To End Karma Through Healing Family Line Trauma. This is a read blog post from Multi-Dimensional Self Blog. If you want to read the post or similar content, go here…
Meet a Light Worker, Starseed, and Gridpoint?! “HI!”
May 19 • 2 min
Welcome to the Marbella Hybrid Podcast! Get to know a little about me and what you can except from my future episodes. I plan to give you guys the authentic me and I hope it inspires you to embrace and love the authentic you! If you want to get connected…