FOR DUMMIES: The Podcast

FOR DUMMIES: The Podcast
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Why your success is in the stars!
Nov 18 • 31 min
This week we’re diving in to Astrology, the more mystical side of our search for meaning in the Heavens. Rae Orion, author of “Astrology For Dummies” has been casting horoscopes since 1973 and has written extensively about what we can learn from the stars…
The Secrets To Wealth Through Online Investing!
Nov 11 • 24 min
America’s cultural view of investing has shifted dramatically over the years. Initially, investing was a playground of the rich. Now anyone with some money and an Internet connection can invest. This week we are diving into “Online Investing For Dummies”…
Becoming a candidate!
Nov 4 • 33 min
When you mention elections to the man or woman on the street, they automatically assume you mean a presidential election, like the big one in 2020. But the fact is, most elections are at the state and local level. This episode is all about changing from…
I saw it on YouTube!
Oct 28 • 25 min
YouTube is where it’s at for advertising and marketing, especially if you want to reach a younger demographic. According to one marketing source, the number of small businesses that advertise on YouTube has doubled in just two years, leading us to one…
Your table’s ready!
Oct 21 • 29 min
We spend so much time and money at restaurants that many of us have thought about opening our own restaurant. But there are so many hurdles in the business that few of us ever take the plunge. As always, there is a “For Dummies” book that can help turn…
Alexa!…Play my favorite podcast.
Oct 14 • 25 min
This week we are diving into “Alexa For Dummies” by Paul McFedries. We’ll not only examine some of the pro’s of Alexa and its cool features, but some of the cons — it may not be right for everyone to install a listening device in the home. Paul had a…
Here kitty, kitty, kitty!
Oct 7 • 28 min
This week we are diving into “Kittens For Dummies” by Dusty Rainbolt. Dusty is a member of the Cat Writers Association, covering cats for more pet-related magazines than you probably knew existed. More importantly, she has fostered dozens of kittens and…
To Brexit or not to Brexit…that is the question!
Sep 30 • 25 min
The Brexit saga is filled with controversy and infighting that can be difficult to understand for the typical person living in London, let alone over here in the States. This week we are diving in to “Brexit For Dummies” by Nicholas Wallwork. Nicholas is…
Build your personal wealth!
Sep 23 • 30 min
This week we are diving into “Personal Finance For Dummies,” by Eric Tyson. Eric left behind a career in management consulting to work directly with Americans of all financial backgrounds to improve their financial health and achieve their goals and…
Leave reality behind!
Sep 16 • 29 min
This week we are diving in to “Virtual and Augmented Reality For Dummies” by Paul Mealy, tech evangelist and expert on both VR and AR. In fact, he was part of the team that created the Oculus Rift, the next generation virtual reality technology that is…
Thinking about your career? Start here!
Sep 9 • 32 min
This week, join host Eric Martsolf as he dives in to “Careers For Dummies” by Marty Nemko, Ph.D. Marty is a career coach who has helped thousands of clients achieve success. He’s written 10 books and thousands of articles, has a radio show in San…
Dummies has gone to the dogs!
Sep 2 • 32 min
Whether you’re a dog owner or you’re thinking about being one, this is the episode for you! This week, host Eric Martsolf, the owner of three dogs himself, is joined by Gina Spadafori, the author of “Dogs for Dummies.” Gina’s an award-winning writer on…
It’s football season!
Aug 26 • 40 min
This week we are diving in to “Football for Dummies,” by John Czarnecki and Howie Long. John has been reporting on the NFL since 1979, and has been a consultant to FOX NFL Sunday since it started. He knows the game like few others, and will be our guide…
If you want to be successful, learn success habits!
Aug 19 • 37 min
Whatever area of life you are striving for success in, a great way to help yourself reach your goals is to learn from those who have achieved success. This week we are diving in to “Success Habits for Dummies,” by author and speaker Dirk Zeller. We’re…
Our For Dummies sampler episode to share with all your friends!
Aug 12 • 36 min
Since your busy schedule might have kept you from listening to every amazing episode we’ve produced so far, we’re gathering some of our favorite clips together to share with you in one episode. This is also the perfect episode to send to friends and…
The exciting and lucrative world of day trading!
Aug 5 • 30 min
In reality, day trading takes an incredible amount of work and requires discipline, education, attention to detail, and expert advice! This week we are joined by Annie Logue, MBA, the author of “Day Trading for Dummies.” Annie’s an accomplished financial…
Social media can be a scary world. The “For Dummies” team in your corner.
Jul 29 • 40 min
This week we are joined by Marsha Collier, the author of “Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram for Seniors” She’s an expert on social media — in fact, it’s her business as a social media strategist. Although Marsha’s book is specifically aimed at seniors, we…
Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about wine…but were afraid to ask!
Jul 22 • 34 min
This week we are joined by Ed McCarthy, the co-author of “Wine for Dummies” along with his wife Mary Ewing-Mulligan. Ed and Mary are not only both wine experts, they’ve written a number of books together, but Mary also runs the International Wine Center,…
Cryptocurrency…no longer just for teenagers and billionaires!
Jul 15 • 24 min
If you use the Internet at all you’ve probably heard of cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency today. In this episode of For Dummies, we’re going to shed some light on the subject of cryptocurrency with the help of the book…
Forensics…or what happens when law enforcement and science collide.
Jul 8 • 30 min
In this episode host Eric Martsolf is joined by Dr. D.P. Lyle, the author of Forensics for Dummies. Dr. Lyle is a cardiologist by day, and by night he writes best selling non-fiction books about forensics along with other topics, as well as fiction books…
The U. S. Constitution…As It Should Be Taught!
Jul 1 • 45 min
In honor of Independence Day, this week host Eric Martsolf is joined by Dr. Michael Arnheim, author of “U.S. Constitution for Dummies.”
Conquering The Fortnite Phenomenon
Jun 24 • 41 min
On this episode, host Eric Martolf opens the cover on “Fortnite for Dummies,” by Bill Loguidice. Bill has created the definitive guide to Fortnite, especially if you are an adult whose primary interest is understanding exactly what your kids are doing as…
Getting Into the Weeds on Cannabis
Jun 17 • 32 min
This week, host Eric Martsolf is joined by Kim Ronkin Casey, author of “Cannabis for Dummies.” Eric and Kim will be your guide to the world of safe, legal, and useful Cannabis — whether it helps your anxiety or lines your pockets with money as a business.
FOR DUMMIES: The Podcast
May 19 • 2 min
With more than 300 million books in print and countless topics covered, the iconic Dummies brand has revolutionized learning by making complex subjects easy to understand. Each weekly episode of For Dummies: The Podcast, hosted by Emmy Award winner Eric…