The Palliators

The Palliators
We are fellowship-trained Hospice and Palliative Medicine physicians who have background in Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, and Pediatrics. This podcast is designed to help educate healthcare professionals about the particular needs of those who ar…

Podcast # 10 Constipation: An Underrated Symptom and Often Undertreated
Oct 15 • 10 min
Drawing from articles in several journals, including JPSM, we discuss the importance of management, eliminating ineffective interventions and providing useful treatment.
Podcast # 9 Grief (Part 2): Beyond the basics
Sep 14 • 20 min
Shannon Dunavan, LCSW gives us tips on helping people through all stages of grief, but she focuses on what many think of as the more difficult stages of grief, anger and denial.
Podcast #8 Grief (Part 1): Back to the basics
Aug 15 • 20 min
Review of Kubler-Ross stages of grief with tips for understanding and helping people who are grieving
Podcast #7 Futility - Origins, Concepts, Principles, Perspectives, and Policy
Jul 15 • 14 min
An overview and discussion of futility with a brief history, tenets, cases and resources
Episode #6 Both Sides of the Stethoscope (Part 2)
Jun 15 • 18 min
Part 2 of an interview with a nurse who courageously and intentionally lives her final days at home with hospice services.
Episode #5 Both Sides of the Stethoscope Part 1
Jun 14 • 23 min
Lessons from a nurse who courageously and intentionally lives her final days at home with hospice services.
Podcast # 4 Discussion of JPSM article: Addressing a Patient’s Hope for a Miracle
May 20 • 10 min
Learn tips for helping patients and their loved ones when they hope for a miracle.
Podcast # 3 Hope
May 19 • 15 min
Evolution of hope when it seems hope may be lost
Podcast # 2 Delivering Important News
May 19 • 12 min
Use of SPIKES protocol helps to give a good format for giving important or serious news your patients.
Palliative Medicine and Hospice Review
May 19 • 16 min
Review important concepts of Palliative Medicine and Hospice Care