In Touch Mission International Podcast

In Touch Mission International Podcast
Hear straight from ITMI partners in India, Africa and Europe as they share their stories, their challenges and news of what the Lord is doing around the world.

Life Among the Zulu featuring Kelly and Cherise Smith
Oct 8 • 29 min
In this episode, Kelly and Cherise Smith are sharing what it’s like living among the Zulu tribe in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. They’re sharing some remarkable physical feats of Zulu women and girls’ daily lives, the extents people are going to so they…
Paying Forward Your Kindness featuring Adi and Ema Ban
Sep 24 • 29 min
In part 2 of this interview with ITMI’s Adi and Ema Ban, a believer in war-torn Ukraine answers the question, “Why haven’t you left for a better life?” His answer is inspiring. Plus, Adi and Ema are sharing something strange that happened to Adi in…
Stories from the War Zone featuring Adi and Ema Ban
Sep 18 • 31 min
Adi and Ema Ban share about Adi’s recent visit to the war zone in Ukraine. Adi brings us news of our brothers and sisters that are under fire and stories of their faith, love and dedication. In this 30 minute interview, Adi shares: A sometimes overlooked…
Our Visit to South Sudan: 3 Brilliantly Simple and Effective Ways Our Partners are Helping the Hurting, featuring Steve Evers and Kent Reisenauer
Aug 13 • 29 min
In this episode, Steve and Kent are revealing what they witnessed and found while visiting our partners in South Sudan, including: How they managed to get in and stay out of trouble A story that reveal our partners’ “secret” of maintaining soft hearts in…
Our Visit to Uganda, featuring Steve Evers and Kent Reisnauer
Jul 25 • 46 min
ITMI’s Steve Evers and Kent Reisenauer tell us all about their time in Uganda! In this episode, you’ll discover: An unexpected way the Lord provided while they were purchasing printed Bibles for prisoners. A funny side story involving the purchased…
Gospel Joy: ITMI Supporters Reach Many and Open Doors, featuring Andrew Gorski
Jul 19 • 28 min
ITMI’s Andrew Gorski of Poland shares about the new opportunity your support of his family and Gospel Joy Workshops and Evangelism has created! In this episode, you’ll also discover which celebrity Andrew credits with teaching him English, how the…
An Inside Look at Life and Ministry on a Remote Flood Plain in Zambia, featuring Johan and Lesley Leach
Jul 1 • 37 min
One South African couple shares their strategy for saturating a remote flood plain with the Gospel and what life is like for them in this unique location. In this episode, you’ll hear: Johan’s testimony of how ITMI supporters have played a major role in…
Story After Story of the Waves Your Support is Making, featuring Richard and Brooke Nungesser
Jun 17 • 44 min
Enjoy the enthusiasm of Richard and Brooke Nungesser as they share an endless stream of stories of the amazing things God is doing through Bread of Life. Richard and Brooke are sharing about: The growth of their food distribution outreaches What’s new in…
Juggling Motherhood and Getting Creative with Ministry in Zambia, featuring Ashley Keller
Jun 6 • 38 min
Ashley and her husband Timothy Keller minister in Zambia, discipling leaders in remote villages and equipping local police precincts to understand the Bible and make daily decisions from a Biblical perspective. After living and raising kids in Zambia,…
In Touch Mission International Podcast
May 15 • 2 min
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