Same Old Devils

Same Old Devils
Same Old Devils Podcast has 3 goals- drink, laugh and show off our talented friends. P.S: We’re already drinking.

#22: Rob Kay
Nov 13 • 126 min
The Devils make an attempt to tackle the world’s economic issues, “the” ruling class, issues with religion, and colonization of the moon!
#21: Mitch Rogers
Nov 6 • 112 min
The Devils discuss the teaching system and the troubles it faces today as well as a lesson in being a parent.
#20: David Griffin
Oct 30 • 124 min
The Devil’s get a lesson on what it takes to make a great knife and the time and work involved as well as a lesson in overcoming obstacles and the resilience of the human spirit.
#19: Lucky Bella Boys!
Oct 23 • 103 min
All three of the guys from Lucky Bella get together for a saucy soiree, involving Halloween costume ideas, Ryan’s posthumous biopic, EMF radiation in your microwave and Megan Fox’s thumbs.
#18: Jordan Blodgett
Oct 16 • 119 min
The Devils nerd out with the greatest superhero they know on superheros in general, video games and cartoons from the good ol’ days and how a costume can get you laid!
#17: Ginger Beck
Oct 9 • 129 min
The Devils sit down with one of the busiest people they’ve met, learn about urban exploration, share a few ghost stories (and an actual recording taken by Ginger!)
#16: Lewd Awakening Revue
Oct 2 • 124 min
Things heat up when The Siam Fox and Myra Mains stop by from their vaudeville group, Lewd Awakening Revue and give us a taste of their troupe and performances as well as an education on fake dicks!
#15: Amanda Connor
Sep 25 • 123 min
Things with Amanda get SPOOKY.
#14: Drew Wilson
Sep 18 • 159 min
Drew has a ball trying the claw.
#13: Brooke Cook
Sep 11 • 122 min
The Devils start the show with a weird beginning and stay pretty weird all throughout as they cover new podcast ideas, tinfoil hats and odd childhood photos, and celebrities they’re DTF.
#12: Clint Winberry
Sep 4 • 122 min
The Devils talk about run-ins with the law, getting into character and a Chad: A Fallout 76 Story Podcast.
#11: Jake Evans
Aug 28 • 121 min
The Devils run wild when they’re out of the fence with no supervision, discuss the perils of eating fast-food if teens work there and vaping cam girl bathwater.
#10: Ebony Montoliya
Aug 21 • 129 min
The Devils discuss creepy stalkers, mosh pit fights and taking care of yourself on the day-to-day.
#9: David Biggs
Aug 14 • 124 min
The Devils jump in with Booty-O’s, rags-to-riches, and nanny cams.
#8: Maria Rhodes
Aug 7 • 131 min
The devils cover shake flavors, Randy’s criminal past, and plan a mukbang.
#7: Howard and Liz Neal
Jul 31 • 139 min
The Devils discuss tattooing, big cats and current socioeconomics.
#6: Bubbles After Dark
Jul 24 • 140 min
The devils get wild with discussions on Bubblism, first sexual encounters, searching for the bubble queen, AND A GODDAMNED FIRE BUBBLE IN THE STUDIO!
#5: Levels
Jul 17 • 132 min
The devils take a look at the lives of Rob and Jake of Levels, get a taste for how they tour, record and their gear, and get a look at the infamous Wendigo.
#4: Ryan Cook
Jul 11 • 105 min
The devils discuss water chugging deaths, dinosaurs, and Mercury retrograde.
#3: Ivy Forrester
May 19 • 93 min
The devils have even more technical difficulties, discuss fish pancakes, learn about Satanism and how to take care of animals.
#2: Ryan Cook
May 13 • 127 min
The devils get off to a slow start with technical difficulties, get serious about the weight of fame, reminisce about Greta Gremlin and find out if Funyuns are gluten free.
#1: Ben Magie
May 8 • 118 min
The devils explore feet pics, new beers and findom while Anjuli and Ben attempt to squash some beef.