Yeah, We Said It

Yeah, We Said It
One is a 30-something writer in the fashion tech industry who knows Mama’s (almost) always right. The other is Mama. Join mother and daughter duo, Ellen and Emma, as they give unfiltered, unverified, unprofessional advice about love, life, and everything in between. Listener questions are sent in every week, and Ellen and Emma dish out the answers and guidance you may or may not have asked for, but didn’t realize you needed. Subscribe to “Yeah, We Said It” today! email [email protected] to submit your dating/love/life questions! IG: @emmasthing

How To Let Someone Down After Two Dates
Jul 9 • 22 min
In this episode, Ellen and Emma answer the age old question of exactly how to let someone down after only a couple dates. Do you owe it to them? Do you ghost them? How honest are you? Listen in as they offer their sage advice, and Emma admits to being an…
What To Do When They Won’t Give You A Promotion
Jun 13 • 21 min
What do you get when you put not 2 but 3 Golden Girls into Ellen’s closet to record a podcast? LOTS of interrupting and talking over each other. On this episode, we have our first ever special guest: MY SISTER, ALLIE! A reader laments about the incredibly…
How To Live Your “Best Life” In Your 30s
Jun 4 • 17 min
In this episode, a reader asks how to take all the heartache, confusion, and straight up drama from her 20s and apply it to her 30s in the most effective, positive way. Plus, we talk about that one time Ellen mistook the 70s term “tooting” for actual…
“Spinster in a Sea of Spouses” (Or Being the 5th, 7th, 9th Wheel)
May 28 • 26 min
In this episode, a listener writes in wondering WTF to do when you’re literally the only single friend in a friend group of all couples, especially when your friends’ husbands are dicks to you. Listen in to hear Emma and Ellen answer her query PLUS learn…
Mother’s Day Special: How To Raise Quality Kids (As Told By Ellen)
May 14 • 20 min
In our Mother’s Day episode, a reader writes in to ask how Ellen went about raising my sister and me — what boundaries she set, how she dealt with certain topics, etc. Tune in to hear about grooming your pubes, 3-way kissing, having the sex talk, and SO…
WTF To Do When Everyone and Their Mom Is Getting Engaged/Married/Pregnant
May 9 • 23 min
In episode 4, Ellen and Emma tackle Emma’s faux-BO, dry humping, gay ex-boyfriends, and how to not lose your mind with social media highlight reels.
How Long is Too Long to Wait For a Proposal?
Apr 30 • 8 min
In this very short and sweet episode 3 of “Yeah, We Said It,” Emma and Ellen answer the burning question: How long are you supposed to wait around to get engaged, specifically when you’re in your 30s? Tune in to hear us answer this in under 9 minutes.
The Secret to Picking Guys Up IRL + Pursuing Your Dream vs. Waiting for the Guy
Apr 23 • 19 min
In episode 2 of “Yeah, We Said It,” Emma and Ellen have time to answer not just one but TWO reader questions. Tune in to hear how to grab someone’s attention out on the town, and how to handle a semi-new-with-a-chance-of-long-distance-on-the-horizon…
“It’s Completely Turned Into a Hook Up Thing, And I Hate Myself a Little Bit For It”
Apr 3 • 19 min
In episode 1 of “Yeah, We Said It,” Emma and Ellen respond to a reader’s email about a potentially positive dating situation turned booty call, and how the f*ck dating is even supposed to work.