Coffee Break with Trail Youth

Coffee Break with Trail Youth
Want to know what goes on in the mysterious mind of a teenager? Curious about a teens world view, and thoughts about today’s issues? Join Coffee Break with Trail Youth where teens expose what life is like through their eyes.

What Does It REALLY Mean To Celebrate Diversity?
Nov 14 • 5 min
Diversity is the celebration of differences, but do we really practice true diversity? Trail Youth has discovered a way to break down the barriers. Find out how.
The Untold Story of Trail Youth Coffee Home
Nov 11 • 18 min
This is the untold story of the starting of Trail Youth, a non-profit coffee home for teens. Discover the heart and philosophy in this series The Heart of the Home as founder and director, Kristen Zuray introduces Coffee Break.
Emily and Baly’s Story
Nov 8 • 24 min
Everyone has their own path of grief especially when a loved one chooses to take their own life. Emily Rideout and Baly Botten both share their journey as survivors of loss. Listen as they share their personal struggles of guilt, anger, and eventually…
Jon’s Story
Nov 7 • 27 min
At 10 years old, Jon’s sister took her life. Forty years later, he shares his story of how he has fought to overcome the loss and how he uses this tragedy to help others.
Naomi’s Story
Nov 6 • 26 min
For all those who have lost someone to suicide, listen to Naomi’s story. With heartfelt transparency, Naomi shares her struggles of losing a friend and offers a different perspective on suicide.
Please Live!
Oct 29 • 9 min
Teens open up to share what life would be like to lose a friend to suicide. Listen to their heartfelt messages for those who are struggling with suicidal ideation.
Tips for School: Do your projects at the last second!
Sep 24 • 6 min
What teen procrastinates? Jacki and Lydia explore the idea of waiting for the last minute to get projects done.
Tips for School: Walk Out of School?
Sep 16 • 5 min
Jacki and Lydia have a very interesting tip. Listen to find out.
School Tip 3: Should You Raise Your Expectations?
Sep 13 • 6 min
Jacki and Lydia say to not have any expectations going into the school year. Why is that? Listen and find out their reason.
Tips for School: Is Routine Necessary?
Sep 11 • 6 min
Jacki and Lydia discuss the idea of having a school routine. Is it helpful or not? Find out!
Tips for School: Goal Setting
Sep 5 • 5 min
Jacki and Lydia share their tips to having a good school year.
What A Cop’s Family Wishes You Knew
Aug 26 • 27 min
Take a sneak peek into the life of a cop’s family. Cry and laugh as they share their stories and their heart.
What Cops Don’t Want You To Know
Aug 14 • 19 min
What is that cops don’t want you know? Find out, guaranteed you will be astonished.
Why You Matter, Police
Aug 2 • 8 min
Join in as a retired Washington police officer shares his story of loss.
Why You Matter, Veterans!
Jul 10 • 0 min
Join Lydia Zuray as she interviews Dr. David Cruz, a veteran from Vietnam. Journey with them as he shares his time of service, how he found purpose when returning home, and how society can help our heroes.
Why You Matter At 50
Jun 10 • 0 min
Have you or someone you know experienced sexual trauma or suicidal ideation? After 50 years of silence, Diana Skye shares her heart wrenching experience with childhood trauma and how she has learned to finally overcome.
Why You Matter At 40
May 31 • 1 min
Are you facing a mid-life crisis? Join Jacki and Josh as they discuss the pressures and fears that men face as they reach 40. It may surprise you!
Why You Matter At 20
May 26 • 0 min
Interviewed by her sister, Jacki, Haley openly shares the heartbreak that she experienced soon after high school graduation, leaving her to question if life was worth living.
Exploring Suicide in America
May 11 • 0 min
In this episode teens share their thoughts on the triggers and pressures that cause suicidal ideation. Listen to the heart felt stories and the hope that teens want to convey to America.