Saturday Morning Monkies

Saturday Morning Monkies
Two words: APE TIME

7: Sherlock Hound [Part 1]
Nov 9 • 40 min
THE GAME’S AFOOT!!! After far too long of a hiatus the trio is here with the first part of the case of Miyazaki’s Sherlock Hound!
6: Promised Neverland
Jun 24 • 42 min
Ohayo! The three monkies careen off the rails in their carts as they review their first anime: The Promised Neverland in this spicy monday episode.
5: Detective Pikachu
Jun 16 • 57 min
Two out of the three Monkies talk about Detective Pikachu on this banger of an episode… amongst other things.
4: Adventure Time Pt. 2
Jun 9 • 47 min
SOMEONE’S MISSING! It’s up to two of the monkies to wrap up Adventure Time and somehow put a decade of emotions into a final second part…amongst other things.
3: Adventure Time Pt. 1
Jun 2 • 60 min
Two of the three monkies chat about a series dear to their hearts: Adventure Time created by Pendleton Ward…amongst other things.
2: Lastman
May 26 • 63 min
The trio marvels this week over the French comic and animated series Lastman, written by Bastien Vivès and Balak produced by Everybody On Deck and animated by Jérémie Périn and JSBC, …amongst other things.
1: Over The Garden Wall
May 19 • 58 min
The whole triumvirate of ape-ly power is finally assembled to chit and chatter about the absolute gem that is: Over the Garden Wall created by Patrick McHale …amongst other things.
Pilot: Scott Pilgrim Vs The Animation
May 12 • 41 min
Two of the three monkies kick off this wacky, wild and uncensored podcast by talking about an animated adaptation of their favorite graphic novel series: Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O’Malley…amongst other things.