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MGR Unplugged
Hosted by Manuel Gil del Real, MGR Unplugged is a collection of raw, unedited and spontaneous conversations and interviews about a variety of topics affecting our everyday lives.

Trump Vs Twitter - Should Social Media Censor Posts? - Main Street Vs Wall Street - Sports Making a Come Back - MGR Unplugged Podcast
May 29 • 69 min
Manuel and David get into an animated conversation about the latest Trump executive order against Social Media channels censoring content. They continue discussing the disconnect between main street and Wall Street and they end with a round-up of the…
Facebook Launches Shops - Shopify Goes After Amazon - Joe Rogan Signs with Spotify - MGR Unplugged Podcast
May 22 • 68 min
Lots of news this week in the eComm world. Join Manuel and David as they cover Facebook’s new Shops announcement, Shopify’s Reunite News and Joe Rogan’s huge move to Spotify.
The Agile Economy - Why Some Companies Are Not Fit to Survive - MGR Unplugged Podcast
May 15 • 57 min
Join Manuel and David as they cover the latest eComm and business news, including a Quibi (not so good) update, Facebook’s new hurdles, movie theaters survival moves and more!
Moving Forward - After the Virus Wake Up Call Only the More Creative Businesses Will Survive - MGR Unplugged Podcast
May 8 • 68 min
Join Manuel and David as they dissect the latest events in our new economy. Who’s doing it right and who’s failing miserably to adjust to the new Coronavirus social distancing and contactless lifestyle.
Shopify Launches “Shop.” Facebook Betting on India Again. Anticipating This Year’s Holiday Season for Retailers. - MGR Unplugged Podcast
May 1 • 75 min
Join Manuel and David as they talk about Shopify’s new Shop app. Facebook’s big bet on India, and finally, they get into a heated discussion about why so many restaurants are victims of their own lack of planning.
Is There Light at The End of The Tunnel? It Depends on Whom You Ask - MGR Unplugged Podcast
Apr 24 • 90 min
Join Manuel and David as they cover the latest news regarding US unemployment, stimulus packages, the road to recovery, which industries will have the hardest survival and what governments around the world are planning for the post-pandemic life.
The Reopening of America’s Economy, Quibi’s Launch and More! - MGR Unplugged Podcast
Apr 17 • 78 min
Join Manuel and David as they project how would the gradual reopening of America’s economy affect our lives, how air travel may change in the future, and all other aspects of our lives. We also discuss Quibi’s launch. Will it succeed in the streaming…
COVID-19. Everybody Has an Opinion, Including Us - MGR Unplugged Podcast
Apr 10 • 75 min
As the pandemic number of cases keeps growing and we’re all getting impatient, we discuss Trump’s press conferences, biased journalism, politics, economics, and everything in between.
March 2020 - The Beginning of “The New Normal” - MGR Unplugged Podcast
Apr 3 • 69 min
Manuel and David have a casual conversation reflecting on the past 30 days, since COVID-19 become a serious part of our lives. From conspiracy theories to the crude reality of what America and the world is facing today and how it is affecting our lives.
The Confinement Episode - Are We All Losing Our Minds? - MGR Unplugged Podcast
Mar 27 • 87 min
Manuel and David try to make sense of everything happening around us and around the world. From the new stimulus package to how each of us -confined or not- are dealing with this crisis.
COVID-19 - Only the Paranoid Survive? - We Give You Our Projections - MGR Unplugged Podcast
Mar 20 • 89 min
Manuel and David Gil go over some of their projections with regards to COVID-19 implications over the next 3 months and beyond.
Navigating the Pandemic - What We Know and What We Can Do to Overcome It - MGR Unplugged Podcast
Mar 13 • 73 min
We just can’t get away from the COVID-19 topic. In this episode Manuel and David discuss the latest developments about what’s now been declared a Pandemic. No sports, no concerts, no travel, and a bear market. But the future is brighter than we think.
The Coronavirus Economy. Time to Wake Up and Get Real - MGR Unplugged Podcast
Mar 6 • 59 min
Coronavirus unintended consequences. Becoming more health-conscious. What will China do to overcome the economic backlash. Small businesses with no contingency plans. Amazon fights prize gouging. Will Robinhood survive? And much more!
Coronavirus Heated Debate - Are We Overreacting or Not Reacting Fast Enough? - MGR Unplugged Podcast
Feb 28 • 72 min
COVID-19 Outbreak. Should we panic yet? What are the numbers telling us? Or what are they NOT telling us? Listen to our heated debate!
Amazon Selling Tactics - Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions - MGR Unplugged Podcast
Feb 21 • 41 min
Join Manuel and David as they dissect the true strategies to succeed a reseller in the Amazon marketplace. We answer actual questions from our most successful clients.
A DTC Darling Dies, The Truth About Coronavirus, YouTube Makes Big Bucks - MGR Unplugged Podcast
Feb 14 • 54 min
Join Manuel Gil del Real and David Gil as they cover some of the major news and eComm headlines of the past week. Including a quick Oscars wrap-up, Coronavirus conflicting reports and the latest DTC victim of its own fate.
Super Bowl LIV Ads Review - What Made Us Laugh, Sad, and Everything in Between
Feb 3 • 45 min
Super Bowl Ads Review. Which ones do you remember the morning after? We cover the remarkable and the forgettable. Take a listen and let us know if you agree.
Super Bowl Ads Talk, Barstool Acquisition, is Goop Lab Secretly Brilliant?
Jan 31 • 45 min
In this episode of MGR Unplugged, Manuel and David talk about Barstool acquisition, Super Bowl Ads and Goop Lab on Netflix.
Google’s New Way to Shop, Netflix Keeps Growing, and Facebook Gets a Facelift.
Jan 27 • 48 min
Google’s eCommerce Plays, Netflix keeps adding subscribers, Facebook’s new look, Jeff Bezos’ phone hack, and Apple’s privacy battle with the FBI. All that and more on this episode of MGR Unplugged.
DTC Talk: Casper, Barstool’s Future, Google Travel, Apple ITP and More!
Jan 17 • 54 min
In this episode of MGR Unplugged, Manuel and David have an animated discussion covering some of the startups and crazy marketing headline news from the last few days.
How to Build an Audience for Your DTC Brand: The Ultimate Strategy
Jan 10 • 34 min
Join Manuel and David as they discuss some of the proven strategies that successful DTC brands are using today.
Overrated/Underrated: Where to Invest Your Ad Budget in 2020
Jan 3 • 82 min
As we kick off 2020, Manuel and David go over the most popular marketing channels adding their own opinion and thoughts on whether they’re overrated, underrated or neutral. Take a listen and let us know what you think!
Decade Recap: Ten Years that Shaped Our Lives
Dec 23, 2019 • 56 min
Join Manuel and David as we recap some of the top tech companies news of the decade that is about to end. Who got it right and who got it wrong and what we can expect in 2020 and beyond. We’re now on video too so head over to our YouTube channel if you…
Year in Review: We Recap Our Top Movies, Books and More!
Dec 13, 2019 • 55 min
Join Manuel and David as we recap our year for everything non-working related, including our top movies, book recommendations and our plans for 2020.
Black Friday - Cyber Monday and the Weeks Ahead - Who Got it Right?
Dec 6, 2019 • 41 min
What have we learned from this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping season? Join Manuel Gil del Real and David Gil as they dissect the numbers, who got it right and who got it wrong, and what to expect for the rest of the Holiday Season in the…
Winning eCommerce Strategies for this Holiday Season
Nov 22, 2019 • 39 min
Is your business marketing plan ready for Black Friday - Cyber Monday and the rest of the Holiday Season? Join Manuel Gil del Real and David Gil as they discuss the latest eCommerce trends, do’s and don’t’s, and winning strategies for the busiest shopping…
Greg Charbeneau - Vice President/General Manager - OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale, Arizona
Nov 15, 2019 • 60 min
Welcome to another episode of MGR Unplugged. Today I’m joined by Greg Charbeneau, Vice President/General Manager at OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale Arizona. The Southwest’s largest public aquarium, expanding 200,000 square feet, two million gallons of…
The Random Show - Working from Spain - The European Lifestyle
Nov 8, 2019 • 32 min
Fresh of their recent trip to Spain, Manuel Gil del Real and his partner David Gil discuss their impressions about the European lifestyle and the advantages of potentially hiring contractors from European countries with a lower cost of living.
Elizabeth Warren Vs Facebook, Facebook New Ads and Amazon AdCon Recap
Oct 18, 2019 • 30 min
Join Manuel Gil del Real and David Gil as they discuss the latest headlines involving Facebook, from Elizabeth Warren’s Facebook Ad test and Mark Zuckerberg’s response, to Facebook’s new ad types and Amazon AdCon’s conference.
The MGR Lifestyle - How We Achieve Our Work Life Balance
Oct 11, 2019 • 31 min
Today we share with you a little glimpse of our daily lifestyle. What we do when we’re not working and how we keep our balance with all other non-working activities. Enjoy!
Is Your Advertising Budget Working? Understanding eCommerce Campaign Data
Oct 4, 2019 • 52 min
“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” John Wanamaker. Join Manuel Gil del Real and David Gil as they dissect the analytics data that that you should be looking at to gauge your campaign performance.
Longevity Hacks, How to Increase Your Health Span, and Living 120 Years
Sep 27, 2019 • 69 min
Join Manuel and David in this animated discussion about how to increase our health span, longevity hacks that we can do on a daily basis and what would society be like if or when the average life span for humanity increases to 120 years.
A Preview of MGR’s New “eCommerce Edge Podcast,” Stripe’s New Valuation, and Facebook Comes to Your Living Room
Sep 20, 2019 • 27 min
A quick sneak preview of MGR’s latest podcast for all things eCommerce, Stripe’s valuation reaches new highs, Facebook’s new Portal TV comes to your living room and Safari wants to eliminate cookies.
Apple’s New Products, California Vs. Uber, Instagram Copies TikTok and Slack Disappoints.
Sep 13, 2019 • 69 min
Join us today for a very animated conversation between Manuel Gil del Real and David Gil as we cover a number of topics in the news this week, including Apple’s event, California Vs. Uber, Instagram’s fake followers and Slack’s competitors.
We Talk About Stripe Capital, Facebook Dating, TikTok Growth, WeWork and More!
Sep 6, 2019 • 55 min
Today on MGR Unplugged we cover a variety of topics including Stripe’s new Stripe Capital lending program, Facebook’s dating launch and integration with Instagram, Tik Tok’s growth worldwide and in the US and the amazing case of WeWork’s decreased…
Kayla Wilson - Finding Motivation One Day at a Time
Aug 26, 2019 • 42 min
Welcome to another episode of MGR Unplugged. Today I’m joined by Kayla Wilson. Kayla is a young woman (23 at the time of this recording) with a very unique life story.
Shopify’s Fulfillment, Amazon News for Sellers & Advertisers, Metasearch for Travel, and Disney’s New Streaming Bundle.
Aug 9, 2019 • 66 min
Today on MGR Unplugged we cover a variety of Marketing news including: Shopify’s new fulfillment option, Amazon news for seller and advertisers, online travel agencies vs. hotels’ direct bookings, and Disney’s new streaming bundle.
Bjorn Bengtsson - Born to Paint The World Around Me.
Aug 2, 2019 • 51 min
Welcome to another episode of MGR Unplugged. Today I’m joined by Bjorn Bengtsson. Bjorn is a very talented young man. He’s only 19 at the time of this recording, but when you listen to him, you will notice right away that he’s not your typical 19 year old…
Earnings Season - We Review Starbucks, Tesla, Intel, Alphabet, Facebook, Amazon and More!
Jul 26, 2019 • 53 min
Earnings Season! David joins Manuel at MGR Unplugged to discuss 2nd Quarter earnings from some of our favorite companies, including Starbucks, Intel, Alphabet (Google), Tesla, Facebook, Amazon, and more!
The “Do Not Pay” app, Elon Musk’s Neuralink Implant and Amazon Prime Results, with David Gil | MGR Unplugged
Jul 18, 2019 • 35 min
On the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing, David joins Manuel at MGR Unplugged to chat about some of the latest trending topics, including David’s Interview with Joshua Browder, Elon Musk’s Neuralink presentation and Amazon Prime results.
Winning Strategies by Creating the Ultimate Shopify + Social Media Experience
Jun 23, 2019 • 46 min
One of the most popular online shopping platforms today – Shopify- has developed a very seamless integration between its software and Facebook/Instagram for this very reason: to create a seamless shopping experience for all visitors and shoppers. And now…
Anthony “Doc” Ameen - From Battlefield Tragedy to Founding Wings for Warriors
Jun 16, 2019 • 74 min
My guest today is a very honest and inspirational man. His name is Anthony “Doc” Ameen. He’s a combat veteran who was severely wounded in 2008 while operating in Afghanistan. He underwent 34 surgeries to reconstruct several parts of his body, however, the…
The MGR Book Club - Summer Edition
Jun 7, 2019 • 48 min
In this episode, Manuel is joined by David Gil, host of The Edge Podcast, to go over the MGR Book Library. We cover the pros and cons of the various book formats, eBooks, audiobooks, physical books, as well as some of the books that we have read lately…
Autonomous Vehicles - Beyond the Headlines
Jun 1, 2019 • 38 min
A decade ago, the cars that can drive themselves were just a subject of sci-fi movies. But today, due to companies like Waymo, Tesla, Uber and many others, autonomous vehicles are quickly becoming a reality. Here’s a glimpse of where we are beyond the…
Streaming Wars: The Future of Live TV Streaming for Cord-Cutters
May 23, 2019 • 41 min
In this episode, Manuel is joined by David Gil, host of The Edge Podcast, to go over the best live TV streaming services for cord-cutters. Pros and cons of each of them and the types of features that you should be looking for if you’re planning to cut the…
All Things Amazon - Latest News for Sellers, Vendors and Advertisers
May 16, 2019 • 36 min
In this episode, Manuel is joined by David Gil, MGR Agency’s Amazon expert to go over the latest news related to Amazon’s Sellers, Vendors and Advertisers. A must listen for all businesses selling on Amazon!
Becoming Digital First: The Challenge and Opportunity
May 13, 2019 • 22 min
Today’s episode was a short conversation discussing both the challenges and opportunities that exist in the now digital first business world. How can companies adapt and thrive?