The Untold Story Of Gardening

The Untold Story Of Gardening
How do plants get from the soil to the shelves? How does a garden centre make money? What are the challenges behind running a garden? What goes into setting up your very own plant-business?If you have ever wondered about any of these questions, “The Un?

Grass Seed With Guy Jenkins
Nov 21 • 35 min
Tamsin speaks to Guy Jenkins of Johnsons Lawn Care.
Roses with Michael Marriott
Nov 7 • 36 min
Tamsin Meets Michael Marriott, a rose expert working for David Austin Roses.
Stewarts Interior Landscaping
Oct 24 • 41 min
Learning about installing the best plants in office blocks and commercial venues
Grasses with Neil Lucas
Oct 10 • 39 min
Tamsin visits the expert on grasses Neil Lucas at Knoll Gardens in Dorset.
Nashir Karmali the Gardening Chiropractor
Oct 3 • 21 min
Tamsin meets Nashire Karmali to discuss gardening related injuries and how to avoid them.
Allotment Gardening with Terry Walton
Oct 3 • 16 min
Tamsin talks to Terry Walton about allotment gardening
Herbs with Kim Hurt
Oct 3 • 14 min
Tamsin is joined by Louise, a student from Worcester University, to get some tips on spicing up their cooking from Kim Hurt of The Cottage Herbary. Who suggests some great herbs, tips and suggestions for creating and maintaining a window box brimmin…
A Tour of a Spring Garden
Oct 3 • 8 min
Take a walk with Tamsin Westhorpe through her garden at Stockton Bury in Herefordshire
City Composting with Heather Gorringe
Oct 3 • 18 min
Tamsin talks to Heather Gorringe about small scale composting.
Chelsea In Bloom
Oct 3 • 11 min
Tamsin explores Chelsea businesses taking part in the Flower Show
Trees with Steph James
Jul 30 • 22 min
Tamsin is off to visit Steph James who runs the award-winning Tree Nursery Frank P Matthews.
A New Generation Of Open Gardening with Piers Milburn
Jul 23 • 14 min
Join Tamsin Westhorpe as she discovers a new breed of Open Garden at Pythouse Kitchen Garden, with Manager Piers Milburn.
National Garden Scheme with Sue Phipps
Jul 16 • 15 min
Join Tamsin Westhorpe as she discusses the history of the National Garden Scheme with Deputy Chairman Sue Phipps.
Head Gardener James Cross of Bishops Palace
Jul 9 • 15 min
Join Tamsin Westhorpe as she talks to James Cross, head gardener at Bishops Palace in Wells, talking about what his job entails.
Plantsmans Gardens with Gavin Franco
Jun 25 • 18 min
Tamsin Westhorpe goes to meet Gavin Franco to talk about Conserving the heritage of Plantsmans Gardens
Horticultural Trade Association With Boyd Douglas Davis
Jun 11 • 16 min
Join Tamsin Westhorpe as she meets and talks to Boyd Douglas Davis the Horticultural Trade Association (HTA).
Garden Photography with Andrea Jones
May 28 • 30 min
Join Tamsin Westhorpe as she goes to visit Andrea Jones, an award winning Garden Photographer to learn how to become a great Garden Photographer.
Setting up a Foraging Business
May 21 • 40 min
Join Tamsin Westhorpe as she talks with Forager Liz Knight of Forage Fine Foods, about the realities and fine details of starting a foraging based business.
Specialist Nurseries with Claire Austin
May 8 • 32 min
Tamsin Westhorpe goes to meet Claire Austin at her Pub and Nursery to discuss the practicalities of setting up a new nursery.