Strong as Mothers

Strong as Mothers
STRONG AS MOTHERS podcast is a place of INSPIRATION and VALIDATION for women to VOICE and PURSUE their goals and dreams When was the last time you put your health, happiness and fulfillment first? Learn and be inspired by other mothers who make themselves a priority and have great success.

8 - Empowering Moms & Helping Women Crush their Goals with Joyce Shulman
Sep 5 • 36 min
My apologies for the long hiatus but WE ARE BACK! I hope you have had an AWESOME summer and ready for the new school year, season and month! Which is why I am even more excited for today’s episode as it is PERFECT motivation for Moms moving into a new…
7 - Build & Balance your Life’s Pie with Badass Mom & Entrepreneur Juliet Starrett
Jun 25 • 61 min
On today’s show I had the privilege to speak with Juliet Starrett. If you do not know of Juliet Starrett you need to, go follow her on social media, check out her non for profit, Stand Up Kids, and her other two businesses, Mobility WOD and San Francisco…
6 - Making Your Self-Care a Priority with Julie Gentile
Jun 11 • 62 min
Today is ALL about self-care because that is what our guest, Julie Gentile is best at. “Julie Gentile is a working mama on a wellness mission in an era of hashtags, newsfeeds, and competing demands. As a mother, yoga teacher, and professional writer and…
5: A One in a Million Mom with Erin Barnes
May 21 • 48 min
In episode 5 the legacy of an amazingly strong mother and woman, Brenda Barnes, is told through her daughter, Erin. If you google Brenda Barnes (and I suggest you do) you can learn more about her numerous and outstanding achievements as a business women.…
4: Building a Business into your 40s & 50s with Carol Dimas
May 12 • 32 min
In today’s episode I speak with good family friend, Child’s advocate, and entrepreneur Carol Dimas. We discussed her steps to launching her own business, beginning over a decade prior to the actual launch. How she continued to move herself and her…
3: “Fill Your Cup” with Crossfit Games Athlete, Brista Mayfield
May 12 • 34 min
In today’s episode we speak with mother and CrossFit Games athlete, Brista Mayfield. Brista was the only other mother competing at the 2018 crossfit games and I am not sure if this was mother intuition or plan luck but she was the first person I met and…
Ep. 2: You Do You. A Story of Personal Growth While Raising a Special Needs Child w/Bridget Ahlfield
May 12 • 33 min
This week we have my friend and STRONG MOM Bridget Ahfield. I met Bridget in 2013 and have had the honor to witness her growth as a person and mother. Bridget’s second child and only daughter is nine years of age, functioning (per the doctors) at a 2 year…
1: Welcome to Strong as Mothers Podcast
May 12 • 16 min
Who is Michele Fumagalli? Why should I listen to this podcast? Episode 1 is a short intro into my story, why I start STRONG AS MOTHERS Podcast, what I want you to get out of it and what to look forward to in the upcoming episodes. Bring SAM Podcast along…