Shirt Folk

Shirt Folk
Shirt Folk is a podcast about the people in the screen printing and apparel industries. Listen as screen printers, graphic designers, illustrators, shop and brand owners, and everyone in between share their passions and stories. Shirt Folk unite!

#9 - Tricia Lyster
Jun 22 • 23 min
Happy to have Tricia Lyster, a marketing manager with Alphabroder on the show. I decided to have someone from AB on because I think when something is being done to help shops be more proactive in the marketing realm, everyone wins. Hope you enjoy the…
#7 - JP Hunt
Jun 14 • 61 min
We’re pleased to have JP Hunt, co-founder of InkSoft, on the show. JP details the sales method Question-Based Selling, the difference between sales and marketing, unveils the results of a survey recently conducted by InkSoft, and, most importantly, why…
#6 - Maggie Burns
Jun 8 • 31 min
Maggie Burns is the Lord of the Screens at Barrel Maker Printing, an awesome print shop located in the Chicago area. We talk about Maggie’s background, her passion for screen making, and how/why she uses her personal work to raise awareness about mental…
#5 - Bruce Ackerman
Jun 5 • 29 min
Very pleased to have Bruce Ackerman, founder of Printavo, on this episode. He is a great mind in the apparel industry and I am humbled to have him on the show. We discuss his new book, time, culture, and the $200 million question. Be sure to check out…
#4 - Shirt Lab
May 22 • 20 min
Talking a bit about a Shirt Lab event down in Washington, DC and why I think knowledge sharing is so critical to our industry. Make sure to check out Find Shirt Folk on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook —- Send in a voice message:…
#3 - Our Time
May 17 • 18 min
This episode deals briefly with concept of modular printing and a question branching off of a question by Printavo founder Bruce Ackerman. —- Send in a voice message:
#2 - Voice Technology
May 13 • 7 min
Let’s talk about voice technology in the print industry! —- Send in a voice message:
#1 - Beginnings
May 10 • 23 min
Welcome to The Shirt Folk Podcast! Today I talk about my beginnings in order to provide some context for the show moving forward. Thank you for your time and attention. —- Send in a voice message: