New Earth Knowledge

New Earth Knowledge
Welcome to the New Aeon! The Age of Aquarius is here, and humanity’s Grand Ascension Event is underway. New perspectives of wisdom, compassion, and love are coming to the forefront as old 3D matrix bondage begins dissipating. Negative polarity is being?

18. Consciousness Construct Holders
Jul 29 • 9 min
Construct holders keep the constructs of the Universe in-tact via the power of their intention.
17. Eradication of Negative Polarity in the Milky Way
Jul 6 • 7 min
The God Source is prepping to pulse an overwhelming wave of love-light to initiate and catalyze the complete eradication of negative polarity in the galaxy.
16: The Dimensional Structure of Consciousness
Jun 27 • 9 min
Dimensions spin along the energy body of Source as it rotates itself, catapulting itself through the un-manifest. Dimensions are in constant movement — their placement is not fixed.
15: What Happens When We Die?
Jun 23 • 9 min
“If death is apparently an outward fact, immortality is an inner certainty.” — Manly Hall
14: Love is All That Matters
Jun 20 • 13 min
Love is the only thing that’s real inside of this Earth experience, and it is the key to the ascension journey at every level.
13: 5 Lessons from Near Death Experiencers (NDErs)
Jun 20 • 12 min
The majority of NDE accounts offer striking, remarkable similarities and characteristics. Here’s 5 big lessons I’ve learned from my research of NDEs.
12: Reality is a Lucid, Coherent Dream
Jun 10 • 12 min
Truth is stranger than fiction — you can’t actually prove that anything inside of your reality is real except yourself.
11: We Each Have a Piece of the Puzzle
Jun 4 • 6 min
Every Source player in the Earth experience has their own, unique HEaling ARt (heart), wisdom, and divine remembrance. We need one another to piece it all back, though, together (to-get-there) as ONE (on everyone).
10: Simulation Theory: Do We Live in a Virtual Reality Dreamscape?
May 20 • 7 min
Simulation theory postulates that reality is a giant video game or mathematical equation, and that we live inside of this virtual reality mind-scape.
09: Parallel Lives, Dreaming, Awakening, Good Dying Young
May 20 • 9 min
A good portion of your dreams are actually glimpses of parallel lives. Additionally, the reason that the “only good die young,” in some cases — not all — is because they’ve awakened to the truth of who they really are in the necessary…
08: Backdrop People, Non-Source Players, Soulless Ones
May 19 • 19 min
Backdrop people are matrix holograms that populate reality systems. These entities or soulless ones exist in the background of your movie, serving to challenge you, evoke negative emotions from you, and teach you.Article:
07: Holy Shift: The Event, The New Earth, 3D to 5D
May 15 • 10 min
“The Event” is a solar flash initiated by Source Creator intended to end all negative polarity throughout the universe.
06: Am I Going Crazy or Waking Up?
May 15 • 5 min
Awakening is unlike anything else we’ve ever experienced in out life. You’re NOT going crazy!
05: The Mechanics of Existence (in 7 Minutes)
May 14 • 7 min
Here’s how our universe was born, is set up, and is evolving.
04: Understanding the Veil of Forgetfulness
May 13 • 4 min
Upon incarnating to Earth, we forget who and what we are — and lose any apparent connection to our Source self. We do this for formative learning experiences and growth.
03: You Are Your Life’s Expert
May 12 • 7 min
We are all experts in the individual journeys of our life.