The Chicago Hustle

The Chicago Hustle
Highlighting the struggle, successes, and overall journey of Chicagoans through their hustle.

#23 - Joe Moss Band
Oct 9 • 59 min
Joe Moss is a blues musician and in this episode we were able to learn about how he started in this career path, the history of blues, and the inspiration to his music.
#22 - Georgie Medina MMA
Oct 2 • 48 min
After Georgie’s third MMA championship belt victory we had the opportunity to learn about what got him started in the sport and everything from preparation leading up to a fight and the mindset he has inside and out of the cage.
#21 - Julia Mezher w/ Bikettle
Sep 25 • 40 min
Julia Mezher has been on her weight loss journey for 8 years and now is the owner of the spin studio Bikettle to help others on that same path. All while being a full time Real Estate attorney helping people make the right decisions for themselves, to…
#20 - Jacob Kearney w/ Two Olives Tattoo
Sep 18 • 45 min
So happy to have had the opportunity to sit down with Jacob for this episode. Crazy enough we met last year for the first time at the gym, Chicago MMA, where we both train at time to time. Here he tells us about the first job he ever got at a tattoo…
#19 - Beth Drucker with Go Green Wilmette
Sep 11 • 51 min
Beth Drucker is a environmentalist who works with Go Green Wilmette and Speaking with her raised my awareness about my day to day usage and how much I actually waste. I think that their mission of wanting to raise environmental awareness and to inspire…
#18 - Imran Khan
Sep 4 • 52 min
Imran is a Chicago Real Estate Attorney that I met at a closing with one of my buyers. His team works diligently and thus I have referred him to other Real Estate clients of mine. Here we talk about his vision board, the five pillars he lives his life by,…
#17 - Anju Jain
Aug 28 • 43 min
Anju Jain is the author of the new book “Burn Out.” She talked about her personal experiences of burning out in the work place and how that prompted her to write this book. She wants to help people “beat fatigue to thrive in an overworked world.”
#16 - Sam Johnson
Aug 21 • 41 min
Sam Johnson is a former professional soccer player that is looking to support the youth right here in Chicago. We were able to talk about her life as an athlete and her transition through retirement, to working on her masters degree, to some day having a…
#15 - Saul Marchan with Blu Commercial Cleaning
Aug 14 • 49 min
As a small business owner starting out, Saul actually hustled by doing the cleaning work myself. After hitting 5 years in business, He went from being a lone wolf, to having a pack of over 40 employees who work at Blu Commercial Cleaning. Saul created…
#14 - Craig Snider
Aug 7 • 74 min
Craig Snider is a composer, producer, songwriter and much more. In this episode we were able to learn about his experience working with artists and how his passion changed from playing music to teaching others how to find their sound. His goal is to…
#13 - Erika Pinzer
Jul 31 • 53 min
Erika Pinzer is the owner of EGA Salon in Chicago. She shares with us that after six years of managing and working at a large salon elsewhere that it was time to start her own. We learned about ho she started from no capital to now having two locations…
#12 - Nors Beatriz
Jul 24 • 61 min
Nors is a Jewelry designer who started out in the corporate world right after graduating from Depaul University here in Chicago. After going through a near death experience she turned towards the healing arts as nothing seemed to help her that was…
#11 - Misse Daniel
Jul 17 • 75 min
Misse Daniel is the owner of the wedding planning service, Honey Bee Weddings. Before getting on this career path she had spent the time to get her MBA and got to what she believed was her “dream job.” She left it all to pursue her passion. For 2.5 years…
#10 - Liz Hansen
Jul 10 • 51 min
Liz Hansen is a Boudoir Photographer. Boudoir refers to the style of photographs in which women pose while being partially clothed or in lingerie. A very common theme that has been arising in our podcasts recently is passion. And her passion has grown…
#9 - Anthony Ferro
Jul 3 • 56 min
Anthony Ferro is the head Professor at Ferro Academy BJJ. Here he talks about how jiu jitsu saved his life from his experience in two wars while serving in the military. He advocates other veterans to train as well to help them through their tough times…
#8 - Henry Gomez
Jun 26 • 56 min
Henry Gomez is a loan officer with loan depot and in this episode we not only learned about what got him into real estate but we had the opportunity to really dive into those moments of uncertainty, struggle, and how he got through those tough stages of…
#7 - Sam Letscher
Jun 19 • 71 min
Sam Letscher is the owner and operator of Bossy Chicago. A resource and community that supports women owned businesses in Chicago. at her website on you can search the women owned business directly from there. When Sam was in college she…
#6 - Amber Golob
Jun 12 • 71 min
Amber is an Interior designer in the city of Chicago where her expertise are on kitchens and bathrooms. Here she talks about how she started on this journey, her experiences over the past 15 years in the business, and her plans moving forward. You can…
#5 - Elias Cepeda
Jun 5 • 105 min
Elias Cepeda is the head instructor for Foundation Chicago. A premiere small group & private training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy. Not only is he a running this gym but he is also a full time writer and grad student. Here he shares his mindset for…
#4 - Tom Hemerka
May 29 • 64 min
Tom Hemerka is a pastry chef, photographer, and online marketer. When he first started his career as a pastry chef it came to a point where it wasn’t enough to sustain the lifestyle he desired. Gaining the skills to expand his business such as videography…
#3 - Tyler Jones
May 22 • 69 min
Tyler Jones is Chicagoan/mixed martial artist who just had his first fight at joes live in Rosemont. He fought under the promotion of fight card entertainment. His dream is to one day become a professional fighter and in this video he talks about what got…
#2 - Leora Ben-Zev
May 15 • 56 min
Leora is a voice over artist who has worked on projects from tv commercials, audio books, and more. Her goal is to have this be her full time hustle by the end of the year. She also works on film and stage productions as a special effects make up artist.…
#1 - Eduardo Orihuela
May 8 • 61 min
He is a personal trainer who helps recreational athletes develop strength and mobility so they experience more physical freedom and prevent injury. His resources expand across one on one personal training, online group training, free videos daily on his…