Mama Motivation Podcast

Mama Motivation Podcast
The podcast, Mama Motivation, was made to help and inspire women and mothers to build a life of joy and fulfillment with less overwhelm. Motherhood can be lonely at times; this podcast is like talking to girlfriends who have been through it all, we’ll ?

How to Treat Yourself Like a Client
Jun 20 • 5 min
We often put work and others before ourselves. This episode is a reminder that we are worthy of our own time.
Sometime You Just Gotta “Embrace the Suck”
Jun 17 • 8 min
Learn to embrace the hardship - embrace the suck. Overcoming hard things on a daily basis
Two Things to Do Each Morning
Jun 12 • 18 min
Failing to make a plan most certainly will cause you to fail.
Having CLARITY is Like Having Bumpers on your Bowling Lane - Prevent Yourself from Falling into the Gutter
Jun 6 • 12 min
4 Strategies for having clarity in your life.
Four Ways to Fill Up your Energetic Cup
Jun 5 • 26 min
Learn how to manage your energy throughout the day, acquire more energy, and prevent depletion of energy in your everyday life.
Don’t Buy into the Myth that you have to “Do it All” - Ask for Help and Learn to Receive Help
May 28 • 19 min
Back in the day they used to say “It takes a village to raise children,” but now motherhood can be isolating. Learn how to ask for help sometimes and be mindful of how you can accept the help people offer. You’ll be a better person for it.
A Talk with Ashley Beukema about Postpartum Depression
May 24 • 36 min
An unapologetic talk about postpartum depression and baby blues
Girlfriend’s Guide & CliffsNotes
May 24 • 17 min
This episode is the girlfriend’s guide on how to use the podcast. What you can expect down the road. And how to hang on when the roller coaster of life is taking you on a wild ride.
Let your Ego Take a Back Seat
May 24 • 12 min
We as moms are constantly comparing ourselves to others, and even worse, are constantly comparing our children to other kids. It’s important to remember that all kids develop at different stages. Coordination comes in at different times. Cogni…
Eliminate Time Leaks & Focus Energy Into Where it Matters Most
May 9 • 14 min
We are all busy, our plates are so full. So how do you manage your time effectively so you can accomplish important things each day?
Welcome to the Mama Motivation Podcast!
May 9 • 2 min
1: Trailer - all about the Mama Motivation Podcast and the host Sheena Walenta