MCLE ThisWeek Podcast

MCLE ThisWeek Podcast
CLE on the go; presented by MCLE │ New England. New episodes released every Thursday in rotating practice areas. Episodes remain available for 6 months.

Alcohol Practice before the Boston Licensing Board
Jul 30 • 18 min
Stephen Miller introduces Kathleen Joyce of the Boston Licensing Board, who provides an update on practice before the board in this podcast, excerpted from MCLE’s 6/19/2019 program, ALCOHOL LICENSING WITH THE REGULATORS UPDATE.
Featured Speaker DA Rachael Rollins
Jul 23 • 30 min
Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins discusses what a progressive prosecutor is and what that means in the criminal justice system and to the community in this portion of MCLE’s 1/23/2020 program.
Making Objections: View From the Bench
Jul 16 • 31 min
Knowing when to make objections, and how to support and oppose them, is a vital courtroom skill. Superior Court Judge Heidi Brieger provides a view from the bench on this topic in this lecture from MCLE’s 3/6/2020 MAKING OBJECTIONS WORKSHOP.
Insolvent Estates: One-Year SOL on Claims Against Decedent
Jul 9 • 29 min
Learn about the importance of the one-year statute of limitations (SOL) on claims against the decedent so you can properly advise your clients on which claims to pay, how much, and when in this podcast, excerpted from MCLE’s 2/27/2020 program, HOW TO…
Child Support Guidelines and Support Orders
Jul 2 • 22 min
Carlos Maycotte of Fitch Law Partners LLP discusses child support guidelines and support orders in this lecture from MCLE’s 2/27/2020 program, Divorce Law: MCLE BasicsPlus!
Case Law Developments in Massachusetts Real Estate Law
Jun 25 • 73 min
Thomas O. Moriarty of Moriarty Troyer & Malloy LLC discusses real estate case law developments in this excerpt from MCLE’s annual Real Estate Law Conference on 3/6/2020.
How to Pick an Outsourcing Agency That Works for You
Jun 18 • 12 min
Heidi Alexander of the SJC Standing Committee on Lawyer Well-Being and Gabriel Cheong of Infinity Law Group discuss how to pick an outsourcing agency that works for you in this excerpt from MCLE’s 2/12/2020 program, Outsourcing Administrative Aspects of…
How to Evaluate a Sexual Harassment Case and Identify Claims with Potential
Jun 11 • 58 min
Plaintiff’s lawyer, Monica R. Shah, provides guidance on how to evaluate a sexual harassment case and identify claims with potential. This podcast is excerpted from MCLE’s 3/19/2019 employment law program, Preventing & Handling Sexual Harassment Claims in…
Negotiating the Contract to Get the Deal Done while Protecting Your Client
Jun 4 • 51 min
Anne W. Hulecki of Boston Technology Law PLLC in Cambridge talks about how outside counsel can effectively negotiate a contract to accomplish the deal while also protecting the client. This podcast is excerpted from the MCLE business and commercial law…
Recent Developments in the Law Regarding Expectations of Privacy
May 28 • 49 min
Brian Wilson of Boston University School of Law traces the evolution of the law regarding expectations of privacy and provides updates on recent developments. This podcast is excerpted from the 7/29/2019 MCLE criminal law program, When New Technology…
Civil Motion Practice
May 21 • 47 min
Enforceability of eWills in Massachusetts
May 14 • 14 min
Karen Witherell of Bove & Langa, PC, in Boston explains the enforceability of ewills in Massachusetts. This podcast is excerpted from MCLE’s 60-Minute Lawyer program on ewills, which was recorded on 9/24/2019.
How to Identify and Present Tax Consequences of Asset Division
May 7 • 26 min
Linda Ouellette of Lawson & Weitzen LLP in Boston discusses the tax consequences of asset division in a divorce case and attorneys’ obligations in terms of what they have to bring to the court’s attention.
How to Work Effectively with the Accountant
Apr 30 • 0 min
John D. Colucci of McLane Middleton in Woburn, MA provides guidance on how lawyers can effectively work with accountants in this podcast, excerpted from MCLE’s 6/24/2019 program, Accounting & Finance: MCLE BasicsPlus.
Website ADA Compliance
Apr 23 • 36 min
Gyi Tsakalakis of AttorneySync in Chicago discusses the nuts and bolts of making your law practice website more accessible to persons with disabilities in this lecture from the 7/16/2019 program, Making Your Website ADA Compliant, part of MCLE’s…
Non-Competition Agreements in Massachusetts
Apr 16 • 21 min
Patricia A. Washienko provides an overview of the new world of noncompetition agreements in Massachusetts in this lecture from the 8/1/2019 MCLE program, 50 Points of Law - Employment Law: Major Developments & Traps for the Unwary. Also joining the…
Trending Title Traps
Apr 9 • 16 min
Sara Ann Supple of the Chicago/Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company gives an update on trending title traps in residential real estate title practice. This podcast is excerpted from the April 2019 MCLE program, Residential Real Estate: MCLE…
Research and Data on Sex Offender Recidivism
Apr 2 • 9 min
Public defender Allison Jordan talks about the research and data on sex offender recidivism and how it may be useful in a sexually dangerous person petition. This podcast is excerpted from an MCLE program recorded on 9/17/2019.
Social Media at Trial
Mar 26 • 32 min
Carol A. Starkey of Conn Kavanaugh Rosenthal Peisch & Ford LLP in Boston discusses how to successfully get social media admitted at trial. This podcast is excerpted from MCLE’s 10/3/2019 program, Win (& Avoid Losing) Cases by Exploiting Social Media &…
Nursing Home MassHealth Eligibility: Basic Rules
Mar 19 • 61 min
Listen to Laura Silver Traiger of Starr Vander Linden LLP in Worcester give an overview of the basic rules for nursing home MassHealth eligibility. This podcast is excerpted from MCLE’s 9/24/2019 estate planning program, MassHealth from Application to…
ADR Options to “Win” for Your Divorce Client
Mar 12 • 15 min
This podcast is from MCLE’s Trying Divorce Cases program and was recorded on 10/18/19. Eugene Nigro of Nigro, Pettepit & Lucas LLP in Wakefield discusses arbitration, mediation, collaboration, and other ADR alternatives that you may consider incorporating…
Service Animals in Condos
Mar 5 • 39 min
In this podcast, excerpted from MCLE’s 6/13/2019 program, Condominium Law Primer & Update 2019, Scott Eriksen of Perkins & Anctil, PC, in Westford discusses a particularly hot topic before condo associations, handling requests for service animals.
Ethical Considerations When Retiring, Selling, or Merging Your Law Practice
Feb 27 • 20 min
Edward S. Cheng of Sherin and Lodgen LLP in Boston explains what ethical considerations you need to think about when you decide to retire or sell or merge your law practice.
Changing Considerations in Discrimination Law
Feb 20 • 20 min
Patricia A. Washienko provides an overview of changing considerations in discrimination law in this lecture from the 8/1/2019 MCLE program, 50 Points of Law - Employment Law: Major Developments & Traps for the Unwary. Also joining the discussion, Jaclyn…
Choice of Business Entity
Feb 13 • 114 min
Daniel Riley and Nicholas Romanos discuss how to choose a business entity type in this podcast, excerpted from Corporate Practice: MCLE BasicsPlus on 10/24/2019.
Medication-Assisted Treatment in Corrections
Feb 6 • 61 min
The panel of speakers, introduced by Matthew Cole of Swomley & Tennen LLP, discusses medication-assisted treatment in corrections in this lecture, recorded as part of MCLE’s 20th Annual Criminal Law Conference on 10/4/2019.
Jury Selection and Voir Dire
Jan 30 • 14 min
Judge Robert Ullmann of the Massachusetts Superior Court offers insight on jury selection and voir dire in this lecture from MCLE’s Superior Court Judicial Colloquy on 10/21/2019.
Elder Law Issue Spotting
Jan 23 • 102 min
In this podcast, Jennifer Tadeo introduces the three-speaker elder law panel: Maria Baler, Jessica Demmerly, and Kate Granigan. They focus on elder law issue spotting in this excerpt from October 2019’s Estate Planning: MCLE BasicsPlus.
Educational and ADR Interventions for High-Conflict Parents
Jan 16 • 18 min
Dr. Robin Deutsch discusses educational and ADR intervention options to employ when drafting parent plans for high-conflict parents. This podcast is excerpted from MCLE’s 10/22/2019 60-Minute Lawyer program.
Managing Risk in Your Real Estate Practice
Jan 9 • 28 min
In this lecture from MCLE’s 10/17/2019 program, 50 Points of Law – Real Estate Law, Jennifer Markowski of Freeman Mathis & Gary LLP in Boston discusses how to manage risk in your real estate law practice and how to avoid traps that could open you up to…
Federal and State eDiscovery Rules
Jan 2 • 16 min
Daniel Gelb of Gelb & Gelb LLP in Boston provides an overview of ediscovery in this excerpt from MCLE’s 10/3/2019 program, eDiscovery in the Smaller Case: Tech2Practice.
Non-Compete Reform
Dec 19, 2019 • 42 min
Scott Roberts of Hirsch Roberts Weinstein LLP explains the noncompete reforms enacted in 2018 in this lecture from MCLE’s Employment Law Symposium on 5/17/2019.
Digital Marketing & Online Advertising
Dec 12, 2019 • 41 min
Michelle Anderson and Andrew Dale help you understand the laws governing digital marketing and online advertising so you can more proficiently counsel your business clients. This lecture is excerpted from MCLE’s High Tech & Emerging Tech Symposium on…
Defense Perspective in Motor Vehicle Crash Cases
Dec 5, 2019 • 49 min
In this lecture from MCLE’s 6/18/2019 program on Handling Motor Vehicle Crash Cases, Scott Spencer of the MBTA’s legal department provides practical tips and insight from the defense perspective. The full program is available at…
Estate Administration: Strategies, Timelines, and Tips
Nov 27, 2019 • 67 min
Lynda Furash shares strategies, timelines, and tips for an estate administration using a hypothetical situation in which the client is a widow with three surviving adult children. Excerpted from MCLE’s 6/17/2019 Estate Planning Symposium.