MCLE ThisWeek Podcast

MCLE ThisWeek Podcast
CLE on the go; presented by MCLE │ New England. New episodes released every Thursday in rotating practice areas. Episodes remain available for 6 months.

Negotiating Key Contractual Provisions
Jun 20 • 29 min
John F. Cohan of Ruberto, Israel & Weiner, PC, in Boston examines negotiation points in select key provisions: representations, warranties, covenants, and conditions in this lecture from the 11/7/2018 program MCLE, Contract Review, Negotiation & Analysis.
Psychological Experts in Sexual Assault Cases
Jun 13 • 41 min
ADA Audrey C. Mark and public defender Shannon Hinegardner discuss when you need a psychological expert and how to cross examine them in MCLE’s Handling Sexual Assault Cases, recorded on 12/4/2018. They focus on cases involving the process of disclosure,…
Protecting Your Expert Through Discovery
Jun 6 • 38 min
The panel (Tyler E. Chapman, Sarah B. Herlihy, Scarlett M. Rajbanshi, and Peter I. Resnick) discusses how best to prepare and protect your expert witness through the discovery process. They look at some of the common missteps and suggest solutions for…
Land Registration Process
Jun 3 • 62 min
Edmund Williams from the Land Court lays out the process involved. This excerpt from the 10/25/2018 MCLE program, Inner Workings of the Land Court: Registration, Surveys & Tax Liens, walks you through registering condominiums and withdrawing them from…
Ethics of Client and Firm Information When Leaving a Firm
Jun 3 • 18 min
Ellen J. Messing of Messing, Rudavsky & Weliky, PC, looks at the ethical and HR considerations when wrapping up the lawyer-firm relationship, with a focus on client contact and access to firm information in this excerpt from MCLE’s HR Issues for Law Firms…
UTEC: Progress for Teens in Lowell
May 31 • 51 min
Judge Jay D. Blitzman of the Juvenile Court kicks off a panel discussion with UTEC in this excerpt from MCLE’s 19th Annual Juvenile Delinquency & Child Welfare Law Conference held on 12/14/2018.
Medicaid and Healthcare Planning: Ask the Experts
May 31 • 9 min
Leo J. Cushing, Todd E. Lutsky, and Lisa M. Neeley conduct a Q&A regarding Medicaid and healthcare planning and strategies in this excerpt from the 5/8/2018 MCLE program, Medicaid & Healthcare Planning Update 2018.
Staff Issues in Law Firms
May 30 • 16 min
Jaclyn Kugell, Ellen Messing, and Gretchen Pratt examine staffing issues in law firms from an HR perspective in this excerpt from the 10/24/2018 MCLE program, HR Issues for Law Firms & Legal Departments. They look at the employment law and human resource…
Minimizing Exposure with Corporations and LLCs
May 30 • 26 min
Hear Robert Baute, Jr., of Locke Lord LLP explain how to set up and operate an LLC and a corporation to minimize the likelihood of exposure in this lecture from the 10/19/2018 MCLE program, LLC Liability Loopholes & Piercing the Corporate Veil.
58A Hearings - Statute and Case Review
May 29 • 40 min
Jason Green, from CPCS Brockton, walks through the law and cases in MCLE’s 58A: Dangerousness Hearings, recorded on 2/1/2019. The full program is available as an on demand webcast at
Discovery in Federal Court: Comparisons to Superior Court Practice
May 29 • 32 min
The panel (Christopher A. Callanan, Andrew Dulberg, Sarah R. Frazier, and Hon. Patti B. Saris) discusses how to conduct discovery at the federal court level by examining how it differs from MA Superior Court practice in this excerpt from a 12/4/2018…
Work Letters and Construction Contracts in a Nutshell
May 29 • 19 min
Edward Gelles of Dain, Torpy, Le Ray, Wiest & Garner, PC, in Boston lays out the essentials of work letters and construction contracts. Excerpted from the 11/8/2018 MCLE program, Commercial Buildouts, Attorney Gelles’ information is helpful for the…
Advanced Marketing and Your Firm’s Expansion
May 28 • 23 min
Gabriel Cheong of Infinity Law Group LLC in Quincy share tips and guidance on next level marketing for law firms. This is a lecture from MCLE’s 12/6/2018 program, Amplify & Expand Your Law Practice: Hanging Your Shingle.
209A and Harassment Order Hearings
May 28 • 22 min
Attorneys Leo S. Fama and SallyAnn Janulevicus discuss evidentiary issues that come up in 209A and harassment order hearings in this lecture from MCLE’s 10/22/2018 program, Evidentiary Issues in Family Court Practice & Procedure.
A History of Medicaid Trusts
May 24 • 75 min
To draft a successful Medicaid trust you must understand the history behind them. Leo J. Cushing of Cushing & Dolan, PC, lays out the history so you understand why it is worded the way it is and can draft accordingly.
Hiring and Retaining Law Firm Staff
May 24 • 47 min
Jaclyn Kugell, Ellen Messing, and Gretchen Pratt discuss issues facing law firms concerning hiring and retaining lawyers and staff in this lecture from the 10/24/2018 MCLE program, HR Issues for Law Firms & Legal Departments.
Mass. Marijuana Laws
May 24 • 27 min
Adam D. Fine of Vincente Sederberg in Boston provides an introduction to Massachusetts and federal marijuana laws in this lecture from the 12/5/2018 MCLE program, Cannabis & Hemp: The Law & Business 6 Months Later.
Trying Civil Cases: Ask the Experts
May 9 • 14 min
Led by program chair, Hon. Paul D. Wilson, the panel (Todd Jarrett Bennett, Lindsay M. Burke, William J. Dailey, III, Warren F. Fitzgerald, and Hon. Valerie A. Yarashus) conducts a Q&A on trying civil cases in state court in this excerpt from a 10/16/2018…
Section 35 Appeals
May 9 • 10 min
Jessica Gallagher, Joshua Grammel, and Ann Grant of CPCS discuss the “why” behind Section 35 appeals in this lecture from the 10/2/2018 MCLE program, Section 35 Appeals of Involuntary Substance Abuse Treatment: The 60-Minute Lawyer.