Aggie Legends Podcast, Legendary Aggie Tales with Wild Bill

Aggie Legends Podcast, Legendary Aggie Tales with Wild Bill
Join us as we chat with Aggie Legends!

Tai Wesley
Oct 14 • 58 min
Tai Wesley joins us this week! He shares some behind-the-scenes interaction with Bill during the games, some favorite moments with Coach Morrill and updates us on his professional career.
Frankie Sutera
Oct 7 • 67 min
Frankie sits down with us to talk about his time walking on at USU and earning a scholarship to play for the winningest class in USU football history.
Todd (Champion) Bradford
Sep 30 • 71 min
A true Legend of Aggie Nation, Todd Bradford joins the show and talks about his time playing football in Logan and how he ended up getting the name “Todd Champion” as a wrestler in the WCW. A little spoiler, Todd can do an incredible Dusty Rhodes im…
Former Big Blue - Jordan Rampersad
Sep 23 • 69 min
Our man Jordan joins the show to talk to us about how he came to Logan as a bouncer and ended up leaving as one of the most legendary characters of all, Big Blue. Jordan tells us what it’s like to be such an iconic figure in the community that nobod…
Special Update - Congressman Chris Stewart
Sep 19 • 22 min
This short episode is a follow up to our Suicide Prevention Awareness episode. Congressman Chris Stewart joins the AL guys to fill us in on the “988” hotline and talk about how he authored the legislation providing this resource to everyone across t…
Josh Flores - 18
Sep 16 • 64 min
Former Aggie running back Josh Flores sits down with the AL boys to talk about growing up in Cache Valley, walking on to the USU football team and ultimately earning a scholarship. He also talks us through the transition going from Coach Guy to Coac…
DJ Nelson Stony Brook Pregame
Sep 9 • 56 min
Coming form a long line of Aggie blood, DJ Nelson joins us for our first ever live recording at Aggie Fan Fest prior to the Stony Brook game. Obviously we talk about his legendary life, and we also ask for some insight into this year’s team and what…
September, Suicide Prevention Awareness Month
Sep 2 • 71 min
For this episode we dive deep into a topic very important to the AL guys. September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, and we want to unite Aggie Family and help raise awareness. Bill’s amazing wife, Cami Sproat joins the show as Bill talks to u…
Alex Wheat Jr. -17
Aug 26 • 62 min
Former Aggie receiver, Alex Wheat Jr. joins us. We talk about his path to Logan and where he’s been since. Alex also dives deep into his relationship with Coach Matt Wells and what it was like to go from Coach Anderson, who recruited Alex, to Coach …
Football Preview and Media Day
Aug 19 • 112 min
Bill and Kellen attend Aggie Football media day. They sit down with Savon Scarver, Tipa Galeai, Coach Frank Maile and Jordan Nathan. Stay tuned at the end, we added the press interviews for Coach Anderson and Quarterback Jordan Love.
Scott Garrard - 16
Aug 12 • 79 min
Scotty G joins the show! We talk about some of his more memorable calls, his time traveling with the teams this last season and we ask him “What the Hell just happened?!”
Kevin Whimpey - 15
Aug 5 • 65 min
Kevin Whimpey stops into the studio to talk about his time in the Aggie Blue and shares some perspective on trying to make an NFL roster. He also gives us a lovely update on his life.
Head Coach Gary Andersen - 14
Jul 29 • 56 min
Coach A joins the show to talk about being back in Logan, this year’s team and the Beyond Football Program. If this doesn’t get you fired up for the season, then nothing will.
Alan Bishop - 13
Jul 22 • 72 min
Alan calls in to talk about his days as a player and coach, his crazy visit to USU and his National Championship from his younger days. He also dives into his time playing for Coaches Brent Guy and Gary Anderson.
Chuckie Keeton - 12
Jul 15 • 81 min
Legendary Quarterback, Chuckie Keeton calls in to chat with Bill and Kellen. Chuckie reminisces about his time in Logan and talks through some of the more memorable games. He also shines some light on why he thinks current Aggie QB, Jordan Love, is …
Jalen Moore - 11
Jul 8 • 68 min
We sat down with Jalen Moore to talk about his time as an Aggie and what it is like to pursue the NBA dream. He opens up to us about his anxiety and why it kept him from moving to Milwaukee to play with the Bucks.
Nate Bendall - 10
Jul 1 • 63 min
Nate joins us as we talk about his Aggie experience. He talks to us about some of his favorite Stew moments and most memorable opponents. Don’t mind that Nate had some cooking questions for Kellen and Bill.
Spencer Butterfield - 9
Jun 24 • 60 min
Aggie Legend Spencer Butterfield talks to us about his recruitment as a Wide Receiver out of High School, playing Junior College basketball and transferring to USU. We also chat with Spence about his professional career in Europe and his 2 summers a…
Head Coach Craig Smith - 8
Jun 17 • 58 min
Coach Smith joins us as we dive into the success of the 2018-19 season, what motivates him and most importantly we discuss his love of professional wresting!
David Collette - 7
Jun 10 • 76 min
Wild Bill and Kellen sit down with teammates David Collette and Sean Harris to discuss the events that led to David ending up in Logan and, eventually, leaving Logan abruptly to transfer.
Danny Berger - 6
Jun 3 • 64 min
Danny and his Dad, Brian Berger come to talk about Danny’s time at USU and the events leading up to and during his medical emergency during practice.
Quinn Taylor - 5
May 27 • 65 min
2019 Grad and starter for this year’s Aggie Basketball team, Quinn Taylor chats with Bill and Kellen about his experience at USU.
Brady Jardine - 4
May 20 • 55 min
Brady Jardine sits down with the Aggie Legends crew to chat about everything from Fishing for Sturgeon in Idaho to his most memorable Stew Morrill moment.
Super Fan Matt “Fafner”Sonnenberg - 3
May 13 • 90 min
Fafner joins Bill and Kellen to discuss his fondest memories of USU and shines some light on a few of the legendary cheers we hear from the student section.
Sean Harris - 2
May 13 • 61 min
Aggie Basketball, and flattop, Legend Sean Harris joins Kellen and Bill as they chat about his recruiting experience and how he ended up in Logan.
An Intro to Co-Hosts, Wild Bill Sproat and Kellen Hansen - 1
May 9 • 61 min
Wild Bill Sproat chats with Co-Host Kellen Hansen as they dive into their history with the Aggies and why they are passionate about all things Utah State!