Eat Your Crust

Eat Your Crust
Two Asian-American girls navigating their way through post-grad life in the Bay Area, with a little help from our friends. Tune in during your lousy commute to laugh and chat with your hosts Crystal and Jeesoo as we ramble about tech, culture, family, …

#GIRLTALK: What Dating Has Taught Me
Aug 14 • 44 min
Today we chat about lessons we learned through relationships!
Students, Let’s Get That Bread!
Aug 7 • 47 min
We talk about our first job struggles and professionalism tips we picked up along the way!
Goal-Setters And Go-Getters
Jul 31 • 42 min
Goal setting and stories about goal successes and failures.
The Year of Asian Movies
Jul 24 • 34 min
Today we’re talking about the biggest Asian-American movies from the past year.
Love, Your Immigrant Parents
Jul 17 • 53 min
We reflect on our parents’ struggles as immigrants and our childhoods.
Let’s Go Out!
Jul 10 • 54 min
We chat about our going out personalities and how to avoid peer pressure!
Why Can’t You Be More Like ________?
Jul 3 • 43 min
This week we chat about growing up with family friends and constant comparisons.
A Day In The Life of Passion
Jun 26 • 40 min
A discussion on how to find passion in our lives.
How Extra(verted) Are You?
Jun 19 • 47 min
An extravert, an introvert, and an ambivert battle it out on today’s episode.
Damn, I Need Some Therapy
Jun 12 • 48 min
Join us this week as we chat about mental health and our personal struggles with it.
#GIRLTALK: Red Flags
Jun 5 • 67 min
Join us four girls on our first ever #GIRLTALK about red flags and relationships!
A Little Privacy PLS
May 29 • 52 min
Find My Friends, Facebook ads, spam calls… They’re always watching you!
Insta-ntly Addicted
May 22 • 51 min
Let’s chat about social media - instas, finstas, and baby instas!
Moving Out… Or Not
May 15 • 48 min
This week we are here to talk about what it’s like living alone, living at home, or living with a roommate.
Welcome, Friend
May 9 • 32 min
On this week’s episode we discuss what it means to be a good friend, what to expect from friends, and how your relationship status affects your friendships.